Why Have a Website When I Can Just Use Social Media?

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Read the best response to “Why have a website, when I can just use social media?” Here are 10 great reasons

Would you like to make more money or less?

Making more money is always the right answer when it comes to running a business. Yet many businesses today are losing money on a daily basis, simply because they don’t have one thing, a website.

Did you know that almost all of your customers, will research your company online, before making a purchase? Studies show that 81% of all shoppers conduct some kind of online research before they buy.

You might be thinking to yourself, “I already have a social media account, why have a website?” Having a social media account is kind of like renting space for your shop, in someone else’s store. Wouldn’t you rather be completely in control?

When you have a website, you’re setting up shop online in a space that’s completely dedicated to your business. Of course, websites, are also money-making machines. Read on to learn more about why you need a website, and what it should include.

Why Have a Website?

It’s not uncommon for small businesses to have objections to getting a website. They may feel they don’t need a website, because they aren’t an e-commerce business, or because they aren’t large enough. Yet, the truth is, every type of business can benefit from having a user-friendly website.

Let’s start by exploring the importance of having a strong online presence.

1. Online Presence

Having an online presence is all about making yourself accessible to the customers. It’s through your website customers will learn about you, and ultimately decide if they want to purchase from you.

You’ll also be giving yourself the upper hand when it comes to your competition. There’s a lot of small businesses out there, who don’t currently have a website. 

2. Making Sales

Can your company afford to lose more than half of its potential sales? A study from PEW research shows that an incredible 79% of Americans are actively shopping online.

3. Credibility

A good website will provide information in a way that lets the customer know you are trustworthy. It’s also an opportunity to show off your industry knowledge, only furthering your credibility.

Why Social Media Is Losing Popularity

Did you know that since 2017, Facebook has had a usage drop of 8% in America alone? There are a few different reasons why businesses are moving away from using their Facebook account.

4. Websites Are Drama Free

After the presidential election, Facebook stopped being fun and started being a way to get negative information. Now people hesitate before logging in, wondering what type of political scandal will be popping up in their newsfeed this time. Websites, don’t have to deal with this problem since you’re in total control of the content.

 5. Social Media Trends Come and Go

Websites also provide an opportunity for consistent traffic. As long as you’re providing a product or service people need, they’ll have a reason to visit your website.

Social media outlets don’t provide consistency when it comes to web traffic. One of the main reasons why is that they are subject to change, as things go in and out of popularity.

6. Websites Reach a Broad Audience

If you ask almost anyone born after 1995, they’ll tell you Facebook is something their grandparents use, not them. In fact, a recent study shows that Facebook is struggling to maintain users between the ages of 12-34.

Websites are a great way to reach that target audience (12-34-year-olds). Now they’ll be able to access your products, without having to have a Facebook account.

What Your Website Can Do for Customers

A well-designed website is built around creating a great experience for the customer. Let’s look at how a good design can accomplish this. 

7. User-Friendly Shopping

If you’ve ever been on a confusing webpage, you already know how frustrating it can be. What’s worse is expecting a new customer to navigate your Instagram, or Twitter, to find the one piece of information they want. Websites lay out the information your customers need to easily make their purchase.

8. Encourage Real Foot Traffic

Many times shoppers will visit your website before visiting your physical location.  Making a good impression online increases your chances of an in-person customer. 

You need a website design that’s completely intuitive. When a website is intuitive, visitors can easily figure out how to get to the information they want.

One way you can make sure your website is user-friendly is by keeping things simple. Provide your customers with high-quality content, that’s organized in a way they can quickly browse over it.

9. Customer Service Opportunities

When you have a simple and well-organized website, customers will usually be able to find their own answers. Yet, sometimes they may still have a question, they need to reach out to you with.

Make sure your website has easy to access, up to date contact information for your business. The more available you are to your customers, the easier it’ll be for them to make their purchasing decisions.

10. Show and Tell

Having photos on your website is a great way to increase your popularity. Photos are also helpful for showcasing your products.

Be careful though, a poor quality photo of a product you sell is worse than no photo at all. Make sure the photos of your products are colorful and engaging.

Paying for Your Website

Now you know the answer to the question, “Why have a website?”. You might now be wondering, “how much is this all going to cost?”

Here at Four Winds Agency, we understand how tight finances can be for new or small businesses. That’s why we are proud to work with our clients to come up with an affordable pricing structure and still create a website that provides you with the best first impression on the web.

We love being able to offer our clients a variety of services, without breaking the bank. Our services include website design and development, maintenance, hosting, and so much more!

Are you ready to help your business rise to it’s fullest potential? Contact us today, and let us show you what we’re all about.

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