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Search Engine Optimization, more commonly known as SEO, is an ever changing process. There are a lot of varying factors and processes that need to be accomplished in order to move the ranking of your website further up the Google and Bing ratings. Regardless of what people tell you, there are no guarantees as to how long it takes to reach the coveted first page. We build our sites, and will guide you into the best practices for a better organic search result. We take care of the fundamentals like header tags, alt tags, image tags and content recommendations. But there are other techniques and tips that we follow in order to help boost traffic to your site. Beyond those techniques and tips, there are aggressive methods that we can provide for your organization, like Social Media Campaigns and Pay Per Click strategies, to drive more traffic to your site.

Whether you’re using a passive SEO method and/or an aggressive SEO method, Four Winds Agency can help you attract visitors locally and/or globally. We are working with organizations that are changing the world; there’s a lot to do; we can help!

Website SEO Reporting Features

  • 100% Accurately Detect Rankings
    100% Accurately Detect Rankings
  • Semantic core building up
    Semantic core building up
  • Full website and architecture audit
    Full website and architecture audit
  • Step by step  marketing plan
    Step by step marketing plan
  • Competitors  monitoring
    Competitors monitoring
  • Backlinks monitoring
    Backlinks monitoring
Website SEO Overview

Website Search Engine Optimization
(SEO) Overview

Find out how your website is doing. Much like taking your car in for a diagnostic, we run your website through the SEO tests that give you insights as to how your website is doing on the web.

Some of our services include

  • SEO Onpage reporting & Maintenance:

    Do you have a title tag for each of your website pages? How many H1 tags do you have on any of your pages? Did you know that your web pages can lose rankings if there are too many H1 tags! We generate reports that give a complete breakdown of your website. We zero in on the elements of your website that need to be fixed. We constantly run Domain Autority reports to monitor the changes that we make to your site. Our goal is to get your website as close to 100 as we can, as quickly as possible.
  • Reputation Management:

    Your reputation is important! Do you know what everyone on the web is saying about your organization? We offer Brand Monitoring of the web and social media platforms for keywords that relate to your company. With our tools we can respond to any mentions we find out there in an effort to resolve any issues as soon as they appear. This will be important to resolve remarks from legitimate disgruntled clients with the objective of regaining their loyalty and favorable remarks. It also helps in the constant development of your reputation by gaining insight from constructive criticism from well meaning clients. And it also gives us a chance to expose those reviews that are completely false and defamatory in nature.
  • Local Listing Management:

    Whether you have one location or hundreds, we help you keep all your locations up-to-date. We make sure your business is authenticated, hours and days of operation are correct, and your contact information is correct on all your local listings. We make sure all your information is correct and current on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, Superpages, and many more search engines.
  • Social Media Management:

    Social Media has become one of the top ways that companies convey information about their products and services. People all over the world can interact with their favorite brands in real time, allowing them to feel more personally connected to the business.

    It is now imperative that companies reciprocate the social exchange, reach out and maintain that relationship. We can help you do that. By creating custom social media pages and then help you market your business through them with strategic posting, social media contests, cross-posting link-building and more. Facebook Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and all other popular social media marketing outlets are incredibly useful in launching, maintaining, and even further promoting any business of any kind.

  • Email Marketing:

    Wikipedia defines email marketing as: In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. It usually involves using email to send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales or donations, and is meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness.

    Our designers and strategists can put together extremely effective email campaigns for your organization! We help provide compelling content that will engage your mailing list, drive more traffic and help spread the word about your organization.

  • Website / Mobile Friendly:

    When smartphones first came out, and we navigated to a website, we would see the entire website in the confines of our 3.5 inch screen. It required the viewer to zoom in on the site so they could read the copy, then scroll around in all directions in order to navigate the website. Then came the mobile website, which is a redesign of the existing website so that all the content was viewed in a linear stream. We only needed to scroll up and down, and the text was large enough to be read without zooming. It was a simple solution to the original website, unless you constantly updated the website. You would have to remember to update the mobile version as well as the original website. Twice the amount of work for the same results. Then came the responsive web design. The RWD uses the one website and adapts the layout to the size of the screen in which it is viewed. It can even be coded so that some content shows up on the smaller screens, and other content shows up on the full width view. It is very versatile and makes it convenient to develop one website that can be viewed on any size device. Initially it takes a little longer to design, but saves time throughout the life of the website when it comes to adding, updating and removing content.

    Depending on when your website was built, it will fall into one of those 3 categories. The issue with the first category (a non RWD website without a mobile website) is that it will be dinged by Google. In other words, the site will not register as high on a search results page as a competitors website which is built with RWD or has a mobile site.

  • Heritage Sandy Springs Museum & Park

    Four Winds Agency is amazing. I’ve had the pleasure of working with both Richard and Greg on several design projects including a digital and print magazine. Both designers are open to suggestions and corrections, and they tailor everything to suit your individual themes and tastes. Both are quick to respond (even when the deadline is right around the corner), and the finished project is always what you want and more. Will always recommend Four Winds and its designers for any project!

    Keith L. Moore, M.A. |
  • AC Cover Guard

    Richard is a talented and dedicated media specialist who has successfully assisted our companies to gain a successful online presence. He was able to update our current systems without a full overhaul. His valuable knowledge of available tools and resources has saved us time and money. We believe Four Winds Agency is determined to help us succeed and we highly recommend their services.

    Ken Lyons, VP of Business Development |
  • Shelley Dawson

    Four Winds Agency is my go to source for everything marketing. I feel confident that their wealth of experience will guide me in the right direction when it comes to branding myself. The recent Direct Mail piece that Four Winds designed for me is timeless and continues to drive results. I find working with this agency to be easy both in communication and delivery of final product. Very pleased with this partnership!

    Shelley |
  • Simmons Jewelers

    We recently have had several occasions to work with Richard Blount II. We were thoroughly impressed with his skill as a photographer and felt that he was actually working with us, as a partner would do. He was able to take our vague ideas and turn them into the perfect photograph and the perfect ad layout. He exceeded our expectations and we would highly recommend him to anyone else who is in need of “creative genius”.

    Robert W. Simmons |
  • Charity Auction Training

    You have done a phenomenal job and been most patient and accommodating with us. We are confident our website will be a huge benefit to our business, and we are most grateful to you for your amazing work.

    Cindy |
  • Wings of Hope

    I am more than satisfied with our website. Four Winds Agency is extremely responsive to all our needs by providing creative solutions and ideas for best ways to market our organization and completes everything in a timely manner – even in those “quick-turnaround” times. I highly recommend Four Winds for their talents and skills for web design but also because of their integrity, honesty and concern for others in our community and the world. They are a blessing to us and all who come in contact with them.

    Kathy |