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    The Growth Driven Design method of building a new website is more comprehensive and progressive than a traditional build it and forget it website. We start with the Strategy Phase by developing your website visitor personas, brainstorm a wish list of functions and content for your new website, and create a design based upon fundamental industry assumptions. These are procedures that we apply to a traditional website build, except the difference is that we launch your Growth Driven Design Website within 30 days at a lower cost!

    Why a lower cost? Because we’re not done building your website! Instead of launching a final platform, you are launching an agile mold from which you can build and improve upon, depending on the data we accumulate from your users. We continue to build and improve your site over the next 12 months.

    After the launch, we start the Continuous Improvement Phase by running monthly analytic reports and heat map analysis to gauge how visitors are interacting with your site. With this actual user experience information we are able to improve the flow of your website, identify & implement high impact changes, and repeat these steps every month for a year.

    The result is a website that is actually works for you and your visitors. Your website should never remain static. Your website should reflect the growth and vitality of your organization. It should always be growing and improving!


    All website projects start with research.

    UX Design

    The first step is determining the proper User Experience for the people visiting your website. Four Winds Agency works in partnership with our clients to determine the best use of the navigation system and content. Grouping content into categories that work best for your visitors, as well as search engines.

    Web Design

    Working in conjunction with our clients, Four Winds Agency LLC will provide a preliminary jpeg design concept for the new website Home page. That design concept will include the basic layout, color palette, font choices, etc. The actual content of the website is not important at this stage as we are working to lock in the look and feel of the website before adding all the final content and images.

    SEO Keywords

    For our SEO clients, we also do a Keyword discovery and review. Every project needs a good foundation, and the proper use of keywords throughout the website are what all search results are based upon. So, we start these projects with more research to determine the best keywords for your website. We will review the results with you and discuss any changes that need to be made, and providing monitoring and adjustments over a period of time to maximize your results.

  • Existing Website Updates & Changes

    Do you already have a website, but just want to give it a more modern look? Do you need to update your core files, plugins and content? We can take care of that for you!

    Don’t need a totally rebuilt site? In some cases we can go into an existing WordPress site and modify the layout and look. We can bring your site to a more modern look for a fraction of the price of building a brand new site. Contact us today to see how we can help bring your site to todays styles.

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Responsive Website Launches

Women in Technology

Women in Technology

We learned about Women in Technology (WIT) and their purpose and goals in 2019. WIT works to empower girls and women to excel in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math (STEAM) from the classroom to the boardroom since 1992. Technology underpins and enables growth and innovation in all areas of STEAM.

They asked if we would be willing to help redesign their website, make it easeier to navigate, and make it the resource center they invisioned.

Our next steps were to inventory their programs and events, interview staff and board members, create a heuristic outline, test navigation flow options with volunteers, and then start designing the website. Through the work of our team and the people at WIT, we were able to design, build, and launch their new website a few weeks before their 2020 Summer fund raiser. Feel free to visit their website here

Elevate Roswell

Elevate Roswell

After struggling with thier previous web developer, Elevate Roswell contacted us to capture their vision for their web presence. Four Winds Agency worked closely with Dr Naeema to perfect the feeling and experience they wanted to provide their visitors. We enjoyed working with them, and launching a very successful website at the beginning of this year.

“We believe your body is designed to be 100% healthy! We are here to show you how important your health is to us. We will welcome you into our family and always make you our priority. We believe that everyone deserves health care that treats them as a whole person; so we listen to your concerns, identify your needs and educate you on what true health is.”

Daniel Martin Architecture + Interiors

Daniel Martin Architecture + Interiors

Daniels’ business has been doing well over the years, but his old website was not staying up with the times. We developed a new layout for his website that showcased his excellent work on desktops as well as making his site mobile friendly.
Visit Their Site Here
DMMA Old Website
DMMA Old Website

Iron Rock Commercial Construction

Iron Rock Commercial Construction

Countless hours of experience continue to propel Ironrock Commercial Construction into the future, by offering a myriad of diverse services. These services are centered on pre engineered metal building design, sales and erection, niche concrete demolition, as well as cast-in-place installations. An accomplished team anchors the foundation of the business with a determined commitment towards excellence, quality and safety.

Visit Their Site Here

WordPress Website Maintenance

Whether you need help with your website maintenance once, or ongoing support, check out our typical website maintenance packages. If you need anything specific, just contact us for a quote.

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Website Project Case Studies

Comp-U-Floor Redesign
ServiceWise Electric
Tilghman Constructors

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need to update WordPress?

The developers are constantly improving the security of their programs as hackers are constantly trying to find new weaknesses in websites.

How often does WordPress update their files?
Some months they update their files multiple times. Then they may go a whole month or more without any updates. WordPress updates their files as needed, and when needed.
Do all plugins need to be updated?
Active plugin developers constantly improve their plugins and make sure that they are compatible with the latest version of WordPress. It’s recommended to update them on a regular basis.
What’s up with the copyright date?
We update the date as a courtesy. When visitors stop by your site, they want to know if the information is current. Sometimes the website design is old, but the content is new. If the copyright date is current, then chances are your visitor will know that your site is still relevant. If you would like the spruce up the look of your website, just let us know. We’d be happy to help.
Do you offer discounts for Non Profits?

Yes. Our passion is to help nonprofits as they work to help those in need and the underserved. Feel free to reach out to us. We would like to know more about your organization and how we can help.

Have you done any work in our industry?

We don’t get this question often, but it’s a fair question. Since I started doing graphic design and marketing over 30+ years ago, I’ve done thousands of campaigns for hundreds of companies in various industries. One of the things that makes us successful, and confident enough to help so many clients, is knowing that all advertising and marketing is based on a few fundamentals that work across all industries. That is being able to convey a message or idea to a specific demographic using visuals and copy that best connects potential customers to the product or service offered by the advertiser.

The process can sometimes be an educational for our clients, in that we make sure we’re developing all the materials for their customers, and not for them. What I mean by that is it’s more important that all the marketing appeals more to our clients customers rather than to the client themselves in order for it to be successful.

In order to do that, these are a few of the processes we go through:

  • Collect as much information from our clients about their products and services, so that we understand it as well (or better) than their most loyal customers.
  • Create Customer Personas through an onboarding session with our clients in order to make sure we are all on the same page with the targeted demographic.
  • Determine design elements like images, colors, fonts, design flow, user experience, etc. that are developed and proofed by our clients before implemented.
  • Build out the keyword list in order to make sure that the website will rank well with the search engines. Which is why you may notice so much variety in the samples that we have.
  • and more.

And if you look at some of our advertising and marketing examples  you’ll see more of that variety in the different styles and mediums that we have provided for our clients.

Companies like Target, McDonalds, Coke, etc. change out their marketing style every few years. They do that for a few reasons. One of them being that some of their competitors will start to mimic their approach to marketing, so they change up their style so that they’re not marketing the same way as everyone else in their industry.

Although all companies are different, the process and goals are all the same. The differences in marketing styles are what helps set companies apart from their competition.