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Providing Products such as Website Design, Graphic Design, Augmented Reality, and Apps. Services such as On-Page SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and Digital Marketing.

Are you overwhelmed with all the options to promote your organization and website?

When it comes to getting your message out, there are no end to the possibilities. There have never been so many ways to advertise and market your product or service than anytime in history. 

But where do you start? Where do you focus your advertising and marketing budget? With all the possibilities, there is also an endless amount of advice out there. It reminds me of when I was learning to play golf. Everyone had 'tips and tricks' to tell me. And there is no shortage of companies trying to placate to everyone in the industry. 

We take the guess work out of the process. We provide a straight forward web design strategy that is easy to understand and execute. 


Don't waste time and money by chasing 'tips and tricks'

We have been working in the industry for almost 30 years. We've seen a lot, heard a lot, and tried a lot of methods. And it's the simple, straight forward, and basics that remain. We have organized the process, and established a system that takes the mystery out of using the internet to get your message out there. 

Each company and organization is different, but the basics are still the same. We work with all of our clients to evaluate where they are currently, develop a game plan, and execute it in a methodical and strategic manner in order to give each of our clients the best results possible.


Our web design growth process is straight forward and simple

  • We start with a comprehensive evaluation
  • Next we make strategic changes to your current website
  • Then we help create value to your website
  • Finally, we send traffic your way (paid and organic)

Learn More About The First Step

Website Evaluation

Make sure your website is the right foundation.

Your Digital & Print Agency Specializing in Aligning High Quality Design to Your Vision so You Convey a Cohesive Message Through Any & All Media Outlets

Website Design / Development

Content is king but it is useless unless it is presented well. First impressions matter. You want to have good curb appeal; so good design, graphics, images and layout all work together to provide a welcoming atmosphere for your visitors. They want to know that you have taken the time and the thought energy for their benefit. It also tells the visitor that you care about the details. When a visitor perceives you care about your website then they will feel confident that you will put the same quality, care and expertise into what you provide and how you will work or serve them.
  • The Wrens Nest
  • Heritage Sandy Springs
  • Wings Of Hope
  • Positive Athlete
  • Sweetwater Oaks Garden Club
  • All Weather Coating
  • Global Hope Network
  • Classical Glass Custom Neon Lamps & Supplies
  • Solomans Porch
  • Partycool!
  • Chubbie Cattle Company
  • Cinq Group Logo
  • Universal Engineering
  • STSI Logo
  • Moon Over Myakka Logo
  • Coaching W Roy Logo
  • Hunter Oaks
  • Cover Guard
  • Power Play Logo
  • R2R Media logo
  • Air Sea Land
  • Savings Angel
  • Florida Critical Power
  • Sean Lackey Architect
  • Tangerine Reserve Logo
  • Children of the Nations
  • Martins Preserve
  • Roxie Stice Make up


  • Simmons Jewelers

    We recently have had several occasions to work with Richard Blount II. We were thoroughly impressed with his skill as a photographer and felt that he was actually working with us, as a partner would do. He was able to take our vague ideas and turn them into the perfect photograph and the perfect ad layout. He exceeded our expectations and we would highly recommend him to anyone else who is in need of “creative genius”.

    Robert W. Simmons |

  • Charity Auction Training

    You have done a phenomenal job and been most patient and accommodating with us. We are confident our website will be a huge benefit to our business, and we are most grateful to you for your amazing work.

    Cindy |

  • Wings of Hope

    I am more than satisfied with our website. Four Winds Agency is extremely responsive to all our needs by providing creative solutions and ideas for best ways to market our organization and completes everything in a timely manner – even in those “quick-turnaround” times. I highly recommend Four Winds for their talents and skills for web design but also because of their integrity, honesty and concern for others in our community and the world. They are a blessing to us and all who come in contact with them.

    Kathy |

  • Shelley Dawson

    Four Winds Agency is my go to source for everything marketing. I feel confident that their wealth of experience will guide me in the right direction when it comes to branding myself. The recent Direct Mail piece that Four Winds designed for me is timeless and continues to drive results. I find working with this agency to be easy both in communication and delivery of final product. Very pleased with this partnership!

    Shelley |

  • Heritage Sandy Springs Museum & Park

    Four Winds Agency is amazing. I’ve had the pleasure of working with both Richard and Greg on several design projects including a digital and print magazine. Both designers are open to suggestions and corrections, and they tailor everything to suit your individual themes and tastes. Both are quick to respond (even when the deadline is right around the corner), and the finished project is always what you want and more. Will always recommend Four Winds and its designers for any project!

    Keith L. Moore, M.A. |

  • AC Cover Guard

    Richard is a talented and dedicated media specialist who has successfully assisted our companies to gain a successful online presence. He was able to update our current systems without a full overhaul. His valuable knowledge of available tools and resources has saved us time and money. We believe Four Winds Agency is determined to help us succeed and we highly recommend their services.

    Len Lyons, VP of Business Development |