About Our Team

  • Mission

    There is a growing movement happening in the culture today which is focused on making the world a better place. Thousands of nonprofit (as well as for profit) organizations are focused on helping people, seeking justice, correcting oppression, defending the fatherless, pleading the widow’s cause and so much more. We believe that through their efforts, and Jesus’s strength, the world will become a better place.
  • Vision

    Our vision is to come along side these organizations and help them help others. We will bring our gifts of design for creating print and online promotional collateral with our marketing and promotional skills. We can help present your organization as a professional, well established and effective organization. One that evokes confidence from potential donors, volunteers and communities, better equipping you to fulfill your calling, and more time to focus on your organization/ministry.
  • Purpose

    We work with our clients in order to create a pricing structure that can help new and small nonprofits afford customized and quality logos, brochures, event collateral, email and social media campaigns, complete website packages and more. We offer full agency resources and experience to help you raise more awareness, support and donations. The goal and purpose of Four Winds Agency is to spread your message to the four corners of the Earth effectively and with finesse.
Richard Blount II

Richard Blount II

Founder / CEO

Richard has been creating and providing graphic design as well as website design and development services since the early 90s. Starting his career in Orlando he has worked and designed for top companies such as Walt Disney World, Orlando Regional Medical Center, and the Orlando Sentinel (Tribune Company). Before starting Four Winds Agency, he freelanced for more than a few dozen local companies. He has worked with companies from New York to the Grand Cayman Islands. As far west as Kansas and a nonprofit in the far east Kolkata, India.

Self described as an indoor kid, it wasn’t until 2002, on a mission trip down the Amazon River, that the outdoor bug started to get him. He has since camped and hiked part of the Appalachian Trail, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, part of the Grand Canyon, the Guadalupe Mountains, as well as parts of Washington State, and the Sapa Mountains in North Vietnam.

Richard launched Four Winds Agency in 2016 and moved to the Atlanta area in 2017 with his wife to expand the services and spend the weekends hiking and exploring.

Tina Marie Blount

Tina Blount

Marketing & Social Media Director

Tina Blount a the co-owner and social media / digital marketing director for the Four Winds Agency in Atlanta, Georgia.

Tina’s career began at the Orlando Sentinel where she worked in advertising sales for 16 years before making her move to hotel sales for a combined 6 years with Hilton and Benchmark Hospitality. She then made her mark as a talented and skilled Marketing and Social Media Manager at the East Orlando Chamber, eventually moving to Atlanta in 2017 to work with the Sandy Springs Perimeter Chamber, and then the Alpharetta Chamber.

Tina has over 5 years of experience with Social Media and Email Marketing with the various chambers before before moving into her current role at the Four Winds Agency

Shelby Mack

Digital Marketing Strategist

Shelby has over 18 years of experience in marketing, advertising, and brand management. She is a results-driven marketer who strives to deliver real results for her clients. Her unique perspective can be attributed to her experience on the client side, sales side, in operations roles and in strategy. These different roles have given her a more holistic approach to marketing and advertising, as well as a desire to provide excellent customer service. She strives to provide the level of service she likes to receive.

Shelby's specialty is digital advertising (including display, search, mobile, and social), but she is also well-versed in traditional media. She is a hands-on digital strategist who enjoys being part of the process, from ideation to completion. She has worked with clients and agencies representing all types of industries, from Financial to Fast Food. Her clients have included Walt Disney World, the Orlando Magic, Miami University, and McCoy Federal Credit Union, just to name a few.

In recent years, she has taken a more operational role, managing the day-to-day digital marketing for a jewelry start-up in New York City, and consulting with non-profit clients regarding business strategy. An avid volunteer, Shelby finds working with non-profits to be especially satisfying.

Richard Blount II

Rachel Vazquez

Web Designer/Developer & Graphic Designer

Rachel Vazquez is a Graphic Designer with 20+ years experience. She uses her design skills to visually educate and inspire your customers to learn more about something, make a purchase, or to sign up for your services.

Her background includes graphic design, web design, front-end development, email design, digital design, branding, and marketing.

"I love what I do and am excited to be part of this team. I worked with Richard for many years at Orlando Sentinel, of which I have the fondest memories being part of that creative environment. When I'm not in front of the computer, I'm home enjoying my family. I also love reading and the smell of real, paper books. I prefer to get away from the screen from time to time and enjoy the beach." ~Rachel

Richard Blount II

Greg Marchand

Web Designer/Developer & Graphic Designer

Nice to meet you, my name is Greg. As you probably know by now, I work with Richard for Four Winds Agency. I live in Orlando and have been in the Central Florida area for more than twenty four years now.

I started doing graphic design around 1989, and have been providing designs and layouts on a professional basis ever since. The Orlando Sentinel is where Richard and I met, so I have had the pleasure of knowing him for some time now. I have had the opportunity to grow as a designer while working there, going form designing for print, to digital advertising using Adobe Flash and Animate. To building websites like the one you are visiting now.

I really do believe that if you want to enjoy life you have to enjoy what you do for work. After all, most people are going to spend the better part of their life while at work. I am fortunate to have found a profession I do enjoy. For instance when you begin new project for a client which is very important for both them and your company, it can be challenging and sometimes even intimidating. But when you are done, and you look back at what you have accomplished, it can be a very satisfying feeling. This is what I have been fortunate enough to experienc during my journey as a graphic designer.

Richard Blount II

  • Shelley Dawson

    Four Winds Agency is my go to source for everything marketing. I feel confident that their wealth of experience will guide me in the right direction when it comes to branding myself. The recent Direct Mail piece that Four Winds designed for me is timeless and continues to drive results. I find working with this agency to be easy both in communication and delivery of final product. Very pleased with this partnership!

    Shelley |

  • AC Cover Guard

    Richard is a talented and dedicated media specialist who has successfully assisted our companies to gain a successful online presence. He was able to update our current systems without a full overhaul. His valuable knowledge of available tools and resources has saved us time and money. We believe Four Winds Agency is determined to help us succeed and we highly recommend their services.

    Ken Lyons, VP of Business Development |

  • Wings of Hope

    I am more than satisfied with our website. Four Winds Agency is extremely responsive to all our needs by providing creative solutions and ideas for best ways to market our organization and completes everything in a timely manner – even in those “quick-turnaround” times. I highly recommend Four Winds for their talents and skills for web design but also because of their integrity, honesty and concern for others in our community and the world. They are a blessing to us and all who come in contact with them.

    Kathy |

  • Heritage Sandy Springs Museum & Park

    Four Winds Agency is amazing. I’ve had the pleasure of working with both Richard and Greg on several design projects including a digital and print magazine. Both designers are open to suggestions and corrections, and they tailor everything to suit your individual themes and tastes. Both are quick to respond (even when the deadline is right around the corner), and the finished project is always what you want and more. Will always recommend Four Winds and its designers for any project!

    Keith L. Moore, M.A. |

  • Charity Auction Training

    You have done a phenomenal job and been most patient and accommodating with us. We are confident our website will be a huge benefit to our business, and we are most grateful to you for your amazing work.

    Cindy |

  • Simmons Jewelers

    We recently have had several occasions to work with Richard Blount II. We were thoroughly impressed with his skill as a photographer and felt that he was actually working with us, as a partner would do. He was able to take our vague ideas and turn them into the perfect photograph and the perfect ad layout. He exceeded our expectations and we would highly recommend him to anyone else who is in need of “creative genius”.

    Robert W. Simmons |