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How Do We Build Your Website?

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Some of the clients we work with do not need a new website. But the ones that do, go through a thorough process of website design best practices to make sure that when their new website is launched, their visitors have the best user experience possible. The following steps assure our clients that their project has purpose and is on track. 

Onboard Meeting

The first step is meeting with you to go over your Strategic Goals, as well as understanding your company message, and a typical Customer Persona. This information helps us determine the proper User Experience for the people visiting your website.

Functionality Discovery

There is virtually no limit to what a website can do these days. There are website tools that can automate redundant tasks, as well as initiate leads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether it's online booking, taking payments through your website, downloading sales material, providing online courses, chat bots, or any other other online tool, we will go over these options to determine the ones that will work best for your industry, your business, and your company. The goal is to be as useful to your visitors as possible. 

Content Creation

All the verbiage and images (also known as "Content") can take a lot of time to create, find, or generate. If this is something that you need help with, we have writers, graphic designers, photographers, and videographers that can do this for you. This can help you stay focused on running and building your business without having to devote the time it takes to put all of the content together. 

Navigation / Wireframe

After we have a comprehensive view of your company, your customers, the tools & functionality for your new website, we will organize the entire package by creating the navigational structure. Our process is similar to an architect putting together blue prints before a building contractor starts to build a house. We will go over the blue prints of your website so that you know where everything will go. Our goal is to make it a pleasant experience for your website visitors. We want everything easy for them to find, and to be where they would expect to find the information and tools.

Preliminary Design

Once the Navigation/Wireframe (or blueprint) is approved, we will develop a preliminary design concept for the new website. the preliminary design usually consists of the Home page and 1 or 2 interior pages (such as a product or services page). This will be a static image and will work as a rough sketch as to the look and feel of the new website. The design concept will include the basic layout, color palette, font choices, etc.

The focus will be on the User Interface and best use of the navigation system and content. Grouping content into categories that would be a natural flow for your visitors, as well as search engines. This design process will usually go through a couple of rounds of revisions.

Build & Testing

After we receive your approval for A: Navigation/Wireframe, and B: Preliminary Design, we will then proceed to build out the website in Word Press. During this phase we will place the new site on a development url hosted by Four Winds Agency.

The length of time to build the website will depend upon the size and scope of the website project, and the speed in we receive feedback in regards to content and materials needed to complete the project. So far, the record for the fastest new website was 4 weeks, and the longest amount of time was around 10 months. 

Approval & Launch 

Once the Desktop version of the website is approved, we will begin responsive tests of the development site across different browsers and devices. Any bugs that arise from this testing will be fixed prior to launch. This process can take 5-10 business days (longer on larger websites). Once completed, we move everything over to your live domain, thereby making the site available to the public.

Client Support

As your business continues to grow, even after your new website is launched, we are available for any updates and changes to your website. We are also available for any marketing that you need to drive more people to your website!

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Next Step?

All of this is website work will be worthless if no one can find your website! Make sure your website ranks on the 1st page of Google.

Search Engine Optimization, more commonly known as SEO, is an ever changing landscape. Search Engines are constantly adjusting their algorithms to provide the best Search Results to their users. There are a lot of varying factors and processes that can be implemented in order to move a websites ranking further up the Google and Bing ratings. We use white hat and proven strategies to help our clients boost traffic to their websites. Those include On Page SEO, Authority Building, Email Marketing, Pay Per Click strategies, and more.