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How we make more effective websites

What you can expect

Whether you are new to working with a website design agency, or are very familiar, we understand that it can be a different experience each and every time. That is why we have a comprehensive process and website checklist to make sure that nothing is missed. We guide our clients throughout each step of the process, from evaluating the website and marketing plan, determining the best course of action for their existing website, optimizing the website for the best results on Google searches, maintaining and protecting the website from any downtime, to designing custom SEO Growth strategies. This is our 5 step process for helping our clients spread their message to the four corners of the world.
  Our Website process exposes any problem areas of your website that prohibits it from showing up well on  search engine results.

Website Project Case Studies

Pathways Autism Center
GACA Social Media Case Study
A-1 Broadcast

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If You Need A New Website

A majority of the clients we work with do not need a new website. But the ones that do, go through a thourogh process of website design best practices to make sure that when their new website is launched, their visitors have the best user experience possible. These 8 steps assure our clients that their project has purpose and is on track. Open each tab to learn more about our website design process.
1. Website Evaluation

We determine where your current site stands. If you do not currently have a website, we discuss your needs and how to creatively and beautifully display the content that you want, in the best way possible.

2. User Experience Design

Essentially, this is the core driving force behind enjoyable experiences. While not completely necessary, but highly recommended, this integral part of development allows us (the designers) to more accurately design for YOUR users. Conducting research allows us to gather insights that will drive designs, your site will be more intuitive, easier to understand, and a pleasurable experience, not to mention increased engagement from YOUR community.

3. User Interface Design

UI establishes the first and long lasting impression people have when visiting your site. If UX is the Why, then UI is the What, look, and feel. An ugly site, or one that looks outdated is the first thing people notice. Making sure your organization looks official, beautiful, and engaging is essential to reducing bounce rates and increasing business.

4. Prototype

After we develop a game plan to address your needs, we produce a prototype that achieves your goals. Once iterated and approved, we move on to build the website out, adding style, formatting, and various other necessary pieces.

5. Testing

As the website is being developed, we test with generic and/or specific users (depending on the project needs) and determine if they can achieve the goals that we previously established. Through testing, we gain insight into the user’s thought processes, opinions, and goals. Through giving them specific tasks, we can quantify how long it will take users to complete an objective, and adjust as needed.

6. Iterate

As with most projects, there will be back and forth between stakeholders, developers, and users. We will do our best to accommodate your needs, and as such, will change our designs, site layout, content, etc, to your liking.

7. Launch

Congrats! Your website has been launched and you’re on your way to the top of Google! But we aren’t done here.

8. Post Launch

Once your site has launched, we work hard to maintain it, keep it updated, and keep it safe from malicious people and software. Within 3 months of launching, we will conduct data analysis to verify that our process works, optimize SEO, and work to build your digital presence to a whole new level with social media marketing, e-newsletters, advertisements, and more.

What happens after launch?

Now you have a new website launched. Now what? Just like buying a new house or car, there are things that should be done to maintain, prolong the life, and improve your investment. At Four Winds Agency, we have the years of experience and tools to make sure our clients get the most out of their website potential.

Keeping the website files up-to-date helps the security of your website as well as your Google rankings. We provide controlled updates that check the stability of your site after every plugin or core update. In addition, we ensure that your site is always on the latest version of WordPress giving us the ability to avoid “breaks” from inadvertent changes.


After a website build or redesign is completed, it is important to start a maintenance plan to ensure that the  website continues to operate at peak performance. Maintenance support consists of updates for plugins, as well as core updates to WordPress. These updates take advantage of the latest security updates against new forms of website hacks. Without attention to these issues, a website is susceptible to “breaks” on pages that prevent content from loading properly and delivering a positive user experience. 

Grow SEO

Search Engine Optimization, more commonly known as SEO, is an ever changing landscape. Search Engines are constantly adjusting their algorithms to provide the best Search Results to their users. There are a lot of varying factors and processes that can be implemented in order to move a websites ranking further up the Google and Bing ratings. We use white hat and proven strategies to help our clients boost traffic to their websites. Those include On Page SEO, Authority Building, Social Media & Email Marketing, Pay Per Click strategies, and more. 

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