Why Website Traffic is Extremely Important to Your Business

As more and more people move online, the importance of web marketing is higher than ever. Here is why website traffic is extremely important to your business. The e-commerce movement is here to stay. Millions
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Web Design Trends Set to Dominate 2021

Web Design Trends Set to Dominate 2021

Web design doesn’t stand still. If you want to keep up with the times, then read on as we look at the web design trends we expect to dominate 2021. As technology evolves, user expectations
email marketing strategy

10 Tips for Crafting the Perfect Email Marketing Strategy

If you want to send effective emails that get open and clicked on, you need personalization.  You need to send emails that seem like a friend or a person is talking to consumers, not a
what makes a good website

What Makes a Good Website? 6 Crucial Design Tips to Follow

Websites have become a must-have marketing tool for any business that hopes to survive in the current marketplace. According to Nielsen.com, 90% of consumers go online to look for local businesses. If you don’t have
Online Reputation Management for Small Businesses

5 Tips on Online Reputation Management for Small Businesses

Online Reputation Management for Small Businesses The digital world can help improve your company’s brand if you know how to use its tools. Here are tips on online reputation management for small businesses. More than 80%
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email newsletter best practices

9 Email Newsletter Best Practices to Succeed in 2020

9 Email Newsletter Best Practices to Succeed in 2020 Email isn’t just for passing info from one employee to the next. Valuable marketing can be done. Here are 9 email newsletter best practices to succeed
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Customer Reviews Are Key: Why Are Reviews Important For Your Business

Are you asking, “why are reviews important?” and trying to figure out if you need them? Read this article to learn the importance of customer reviews. Customers are more skeptical about businesses than ever before.
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How to create an Email signature

How to create an email signature We focus on Gmail, and how to create an email signature. We also talk about the different options, as well as ideas for when to use them.
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Top 3 Merits of Having a Lead Capture on Your Website

3 Amazing Benefits of Having a Lead Capture on Your Website Do you have lead capture pages or forms on your website? Create and install a lead capture on your website and start enjoying these
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How To Change Zoom Meeting Background

Zoom Meeting Background Would you like to spruce up your office without lifting furniture? Zoom offers the ability to change your background. They have defualt backgrounds ready for you!
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Embed Link in Email

Embed Link in Email Would you like to give your reader an attractive link, instead of the messy links from Youtube, Facebook, or other website links? We did a short video tutorial that walks you
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Picture of dog with image alt tag example in background

7 Reasons Why Your Web Design Images Should Always Be Optimized

If you’re not optimizing the images on your website, you could be missing out on big SEO opportunity. Here are 7 reasons to optimize web design images. If your web page takes more than three
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