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You may not think it, but construction websites are a lot like a building.

You’ll lay the foundation, add supporting features, and make finishing touches. There are blueprints you can follow. Or, you could reach contractors to see it completed.

Here’s the thing: Anyone can build a site but only a few make them great.

What are these features that make a great construction website? How does adding them make your business more profitable? Keep reading to learn construction Web design elements worth including on your site.

The Best Design Tips and Tricks for High-Performing Construction Websites

Many competitors have an “old school” mentality of using the Web. They scoff at the idea and rather do business face-to-face. That’s their loss as they lose out on connecting with people online.

People want to find your business online so why challenge the market?

Your construction website does two things:

  • Provides helpful resources for your customers
  • Acts as a vehicle in delivering qualified leads to the business

Apply the right design features and you’ll realize both. Below are the design features divided into three important parts. Go through and add each you don’t have on the site as it stands today.

Design Tips for “Under-the-Hood”

These need to be there for the site to work well:

Pick a Branded Domain

Use your company’s name if available else add items like “LLC” to keep the domain short and memorable. Also, get the .com since this what most people type by default. A branded .com domain makes it easier for people to find your business when they need your services.

Buy Reliable Hosting

Spend extra so your site doesn’t have interruptions and downtime. Premium hosting also offers faster load times and support. These will likely create more sales as your site SEO and user experience improves.

Use a Site Framework

A content management system, like WordPress, makes it easy to edit pages. You’ll also find free and premium plugins to do almost anything you’d want with the site. These remove most difficulties in keeping the site up-to-date.

Use a Design/Theme

Stick to site themes versus building them yourself. If you go with a designer, check their design portfolio to see if they’re any good. Make sure the site includes SEO features out-of-the-box.

Setup Site Security

Install website security features to stop hackers. Why? Because Google may punish your site (e.g. delist it) if it’s delivering malware. Plus, you’ll want the site online 24/7 so visitors get the info they want.

Track Everything

Install Google Analytics or a comparable tool so you may track site visitors. You will generate a report to identify underperforming or popular pages. The insight aligns your business goals and site improvements.

These should handle the construction website basics. Now let’s get into how you can tweak the site for optimal user experience and lead generation.

Design Tips for Site Best Practices

Follow these to make the site functional:

Design for Simplicity

Your website isn’t a business card but it should reflect a card’s simplicity. Simple sites offer easier access and better organization. Design or rework the site, stripping unnecessary elements disrupting the user experience.

Offer Easy Navigation

Keep the user “flow” as short and sweet as you can.

Simple navigation removes frustration and deterrents. A good rule is no more than 3 clicks away from what they want.

Get Visual

People form an opinion within 50 milliseconds of seeing your website. Visual elements create a stronger impact than words. Use images and videos throughout the site to keep visitors engaged.

Fill the Meta

Use keyword research tools to find primary and secondary keywords in your market. Apply keywords to the title, description, and URL. Make every page unique while applying keywords to content, too.

Fix the Issues

Those 404, dead-end, or blank pages? Fix them!

Use your site tools or a scraper service to identify page errors. Either remove and redirect pages to another. Or, update the code or content so you’re not driving people to a worthless page.

Use Testimonials

Client testimonials help convince and convert site visitors. The testimonials are a form of storytelling, rich in relatable experiences. Ask your clients for them and include them on the home and sales pages.

Make It Mobile-First

Build for mobile audiences from the get-go or convert the site to a mobile-friendly design. Run a mobile-friendly test and fix errors. Doing this connects you with the majority accessing your site through phones.

Design Tips for Site Content

Website content appears in search results and provides something worth sharing on social media. What are good content ideas for construction websites?

DIY tutorials

Your DIY content subtly convinces the project is best left for professionals. Leverage the challenge by including call-to-actions to contact and services pages. Or, explain it so well they trust your expertise and see the value in hiring your crew.


Compare two or more products used in your industry. Explain the pros and cons of each, helping users make informed decisions. This shows you’re transparent while presenting an option you offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answering visitors questions is an easy way to create website content. The answers also get picked up in searches and remove prospective client doubts. Plus, it lets you show off your expertise which helps build brand value and trust.


Turn project reports into one you show online through the portfolio page. This lets people get an inside glimpse of the work. You’ll gather interest by showing the process and completed projects.


Turn on your phone’s camera and record a video. You can cover any topic, questions, or show the projects. You can embed the video on the site or connect with your audience on YouTube.

Not the blogging type?

List your ideas and outsource it to content creation companies. You could have a techie relative transcribe your thoughts or client interview, too!

Construction Marketing and Online Growth

We touched on quite a few design tips to improve construction websites. But, the amount you can do goes well beyond the scope of this article.

Nodding in agreement about these design features?

We’d love to discuss how your business could implement these features. And, what other opportunities await by having a great construction website. So, click and schedule a phone call today!

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