5 Eye-Opening Reasons Why You Need A Website to BUILD Your Construction Business

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In today’s world, and as a business, you need to know the power that the web brings. More people use the internet than ever before, and there’s a reason more companies are racing to throw up a website of their own.

“But I own a construction business,” you might say. “What could a website do for me and my services?”

5 Eye-Opening Reasons Why You Need A Website to BUILD Your Construction Business

Um, everything. With a website on your side, you can increase the number of potential clients and grow your presence tenfold. Keep reading to learn why you need a website for your construction business.

Why Do You Need a Website? Here Are a Few Reasons

Having a website offers so many opportunities for your business that we couldn’t list them all here if we tried. Here are just a few reasons why you should get your company online.

1) All of Your Clients Are Waiting for You Online

Like we said before, more people are online than ever before. Everyone has a computer or a smartphone, and they have access to the internet, so this should come as no surprise.

With all of those people online, wouldn’t it make sense for you to be on there with them?

As good as offline advertisements are, your online presence would be noticed by many more individuals – which means you’ll be open to many more potential clients that could support your business.

2) People Gather Most of Their Information Online

Building off of the first point, with so many people being online, it’s become a thing for individuals to look up what they need to know online before they go anywhere else.

No one really likes to take the time to research things offline anymore – or do anything away from the screen, for that matter. In fact, the average American spends about 24 hours a week online. That’s a lot of screen time.

It should come as no surprise, then, that when people want to look up something about a business, they prefer to look it up on a search engine (usually Google) and get their answers that way.

That being the case, you can pop up on these search engines when people search for your services as long as you have a website for Google to display, making it a greater chance that you’ll be spotted.

3) You Become Very Popular on the Local Level

When you create a website, you get to add keywords to your page. Of course, the organic keywords are very important to have (we’ll talk more about them later) but you also get the option to add something called local keywords.

Local keywords work like organic keywords, except instead of being a blanket term that works in your general business niche, they are used to specifically help you rank against your competitors in your town, county, or even state.

In fact, research has shown that a whopping 81 percent of adults (30-64) go online to research what they need to know about a local company – which is obviously a huge increase in the number of people who can potentially be reached.

With a personal website, you can add these local keywords to your page and stack against your competitors, giving you the edge.

For example, if someone in your area looks up “construction services” and you’re using local keywords, you’ll pull up on their Google search – and may very well be on the first page.

This tool will make you very popular very fast.

4) You Can Make Your Own Blog

Blogs have become extremely popular these days. Everyone either has one, or they want to read one. When you make your website, you can add a blog of your own to post articles.

You may be thinking that a blog for a construction company sounds ridiculous, but you underestimate the power of blogs. You have complete control over the type of content you place in your blog, and that can be used to your advantage.

For example, you can make write articles about how-to guides for simple construction, or tips that people can follow to make sure they’re ready for a major construction project.

By posting such articles, you look like you really know your stuff to the people – and that makes them feel they can trust you all the more with your services and their money.

5) You Get to Show Off Your Brand’s True Personality

People base the quality of a company on many things, but perhaps one of the biggest things is a company’s creativity.

Studies have shown that the average individual gets a feel for the legitimacy of a company through their looks and their branding; in other words, your personality. Having a good personality makes you appear more confident and trustworthy.

Offline displays and simple advertisements only show one side of your business, but people don’t just want to know about your deals and your services. They want to know about the deep, real aspects of your company.

With a website, you can give the people what they want by adding a personal touch to your company. Tell them about how long your business has been around, how in-touch you are with your clients, or how you value their business.

Simple measures like this produce a more empathic side of your business to your potential buyers, which could be all that you need to produce loyal clients.

Let’s Get You Started

You know that you need a website, and now is the best time to get on it and make it happen. Luckily for you, we know exactly how to get you started and help you do just that.

At Four Winds Agency, we make it our job to deliver only the best online services to businesses just like yours. We offer help with graphic design, company branding, website design and development, hosting services, and so much more.

Ready to make the move? We’re ready to work with you. Reach out to us and we’ll be happy to start making things happen. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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