Day: November 13, 2020

email marketing strategy

10 Tips for Crafting the Perfect Email Marketing Strategy

If you want to send effective emails that get open and clicked on, you need personalization

You need to send emails that seem like a friend or a person is talking to consumers, not a robot. Emails have come a long way in business. People want emails that actually engage with them and not speak at them. 

This requires an email marketing strategy. You have to know the consumer and what they want. You have to know what strategies will be effective if you want more sales in your business. 

Here’s a guide on crafting the perfect email marketing strategy in 2021. 

1. Be a Storyteller

You have to be more than personal, you have to be a storyteller. If you were emailing a friend about something that happened, it would involve personalization and storytelling. 

The same principle applies to emails. You need to tell a story about your business, about the customer and their problems. When you tell an emotional story, the subscriber is more likely to connect with it. 

Stories are also a great way to share a point. Telling a story through email often has conclusions to it. There’s a point to the story. 

The story should always be about the consumer. When you can tell stories through email, you attract the attention of your consumer.  

2. Be Consistent

Another part of your marketing strategy is being consistent. You need to send emails to your subscribers at least a couple of times a week. 

The more consistent you are in your email marketing, the more your subscribers will be familiar with your business. The more you can introduce them to new products and tell more stories. 

3. Send Promotions

Sending email promotions should always be a part of your email marketing strategy. When you send promotions via email, you are enticing subscribers to make a purchase. 

You are showing them a limited sale and how they can make a purchase. Email is a direct way of communication, advertising your products to your consumers.  

4. Segment Your List

Segmenting your email list is important because you don’t want to send the same email to everyone, especially to subscribers who’ve already made a purchase. 

You want to send unique emails based on the behavior of your consumers. You want to cater to their interests and what they’ve bought. 

When you segment your list, you aren’t assuming everyone is the same. 

5. Don’t Forget About the Abandoned Cart Strategy

When you have visitors put something in their shopping cart, but don’t make a complete purchase, it’s considered an abandoned cart. 

You need to have emails ready to send out that reignite someone’s interest. You need to remind them that they have something in their shopping cart and that they never paid for the item. 

Sending these reminders can be helpful and eventually lead to a purchase. 

6. Have a Subject Line Strategy

Another part of your email marketing strategy is having multiple subject lines tested and ready to be sent. 

The more personalized your subject lines, the more they will get opened. You need to have a variety of email subject lines that are intriguing and invite someone to open your emails.  

7. Automate Your Emails

What makes email marketing easier is having them automated. You want to make sure that you automate your emails when someone downloads a lead magnet and becomes a subscriber. 

When you automate your emails, which is writing all of your emails out beforehand, it makes your life easier. You can schedule emails to be sent. 

8. Know Your Audience

Another part of your email marketing strategy is knowing your audience and who you are writing to in your emails. 

If you assume your audience is the same, it could hurt your business. You need to identify your target market in your emails, which means sending out surveys and gathering information. 

You should figure out what their problems are and what they’re looking for in your emails. For example, your target market may be looking for a specific product or specific sale. 

This is why you need to know your audience and figure out what they want from your business. It can help you create a stellar email marketing strategy. 

9. Look at the Metrics

You should also look at the metrics in your email campaigns. You want to see what is getting opened and clicked on. 

This is important when you have CTAs in your emails. If you are inviting your subscribers to take action, you will need various CTAs. This gives you an idea of what performs the best when you do send out emails. 

10. Don’t Buy an Email List

Finally, if you are just starting to build your email marketing strategy, you want to make sure that you don’t buy your email list. This is considered illegal. 

You want to generate your email list organically. This could be with a lead magnet that allows someone to give you their information in order for them to receive the guide. 

Now You Have the Best Email Marketing Strategy

Having an email marketing strategy is critical for every business. You need to know where to start and how to use it for your business. This guide can give you a head start on creating the best email strategy to help your business grow into the next quarter, and the next year. 

The key is evaluating your goals and using email marketing to help you achieve those goals. You want to find some consistency and figure out what email strategies will help boost your business more than ever. 

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