Why Website Traffic is Extremely Important to Your Business

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As more and more people move online, the importance of web marketing is higher than ever. Here is why website traffic is extremely important to your business.

The e-commerce movement is here to stay. Millions of people browse and shop online everyday. And it’s not only shopping – people rely on the internet for news, lifestyle tips, and much more.

So as the owner of a business, your online presence is critical to your success. And this starts with a great website and web marketing strategy. Driving users to your website gives you the opportunity to impress them with your product, service, or overall brand.

Read below to find out why website traffic is so important how you can improve your website traffic rankings.

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Website Traffic

Website traffic refers to the number of people that visit a website online. So whether someone searches from their smart phone, laptop, or desktop computer – it all counts towards your website traffic.

What many business owners don’t know is that website traffic can tell you a lot about how successful your brand is online. Modern technology allows businesses to not only view how many people visited the site, but also how they interacted with the site.

These additional metrics give you insight into how your customers react to your website and what you can do to optimize the site for higher traffic and potentially higher sales.

Time Spent on Website

From your website traffic data you can find out how much time users spend on the different pages of your site. From that metric you can decide whether adjustments might be worthwhile.

For example, if users only spend a minute on your homepage before closing out you might consider adding an attention grabbing graphic or offer directly on the homepage. Similarly, website traffic metrics can provide you with a bounce rate which is how many users visit the site but don’t interact with it – download something, leave a comment, make a purchase etc.

Conversion Rate

Another important part of website traffic is your conversion rate. This is a way to measure how many users that visit the site convert into customers, followers, or subscribers. Depending on your business, a successful “conversion” could be any number of things.

Regardless of how you define the conversion, you want to know whether users that visit the site are showing interest in your product or service. Because even if you have high website traffic, if you don’t have conversions, your business won’t succeed.

Testing Changes to Website

You can use website traffic to test modifications you’ve made to your site. If website traffic and the conversion rate spike after a change you can deduce that users responded well to the change. If they go down, you might want to reconsider the changes.

Some website platforms even allow you to host two versions of the site (site A and site B) to compare website traffic. It’s a great way to determine which version of the website you want to stick to.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Now you have a better understanding of website traffic and how it can help you learn about potential customers and optimize your online platform. But how do you drive traffic to the site?

Great question! Here are a few strategies you can use to increase website traffic.

Email Marketing Campaign

An email marketing campaign is a highly effective strategy to increase website traffic. Your users are already online checking their email when they see an enticing email from your business. They click of the offer and are directed to your site. It’s that simple!

There’s a lot of strategy involved in email marketing campaigns but the goal is always the same – appeal to users and drive them to your site. 

Social Media Marketing

Similar to email marketing, you can use social media outlets to drive online users to your website. Your social media should reflect your company’s brand. Stick to an authentic voice that appeals to your ideal clientele.

Social media allows you to connect with existing and potential customers and facilitate communication. Distinguish your business and your brand in a fun, informal way through posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the way your website is found through search engines. Developers create algorithms to produce results when a person searches for a product or service online. There are ways that you can increase your SEO and drive more traffic to your site.

Marketing campaigns like the ones mentioned above are a good way to easily increase SEO. You can also start a blog on your site or invest in pay-per-click marketing. These tools ultimately improve your website traffic rankings and can help your business thrive.

If the idea of transforming your website to be more SEO friendly makes you feel overwhelmed, you can always hire a professional website design team to do the heavy lifting for you.

Call To Action

To optimize your website and your business you should have a clear call to action on your site and in your marketing materials. If your ultimate goal is to drive traffic to the website, your marketing materials should say that. For example, you can close your marketing email by saying, “visit our website for more information.”

The call to action (CTA) makes it clear to the customer what you want them to do. So whether you want them to visit the site, buy your product, or read your blog posts – let them know how they can do it!

Let Your Website Do the Work for You

High website traffic reduces the amount of work you have to do to market and sell your product or service. Automating the process through the website allows you to focus on growing your business in other ways.

The time and energy you put into your website design and online marketing strategies can be very rewarding in the long run.

If you need help designing your website, improving your website SEO, or launching an email marketing campaign, contact us today and see how we can help your business succeed.

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