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Why Digital Marketing Design Is Important

When looking for ways to improve your Google ranking, it's easy to overlook digital marketing design. Here's why it's so important.

Did you know that design plays a critical role in more than 90% of first impressions? 

While SEO content and other Google ranking practices are important, do not overlook digital marketing design. 

There are many benefits to investing in a strong digital marketing design strategy. Not only can you create a more aesthetic online presence, but you can build a better customer experience. 

Continue reading to learn more. 

What is Graphic Design's Role in Digital Marketing?


Famed graphic designer Paul Rand once said, "Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated." 

There is great truth in Rand's words. Everything we see and interact with daily is designed, yet often this design is taken for granted. Designers have a significant responsibility to create an incredible experience for customers. 

A digital graphic designer uses visual means to share vital and helpful content. Graphic design does not only refer to pictures and visual models. It is also a part of a graphic designer's job to select appropriate page layouts, specific typography, and much more. 

All of the visual elements selected by a graphic designer work together towards the singular goal of enhancing the customer experience. 

Why Digital Marketing Design is Essential 

Graphic design in a digital marketing strategy is essential for a variety of reasons. Below we highlight a few. 

From A Customer's Perspective

marketing tool

Digital marketing has grown exponentially in recent years with the increased popularity of social media and websites. While having a presence on social media and the web is crucial for businesses, building this presence should not be rushed. 

It is in the best interest of a company to take the time and design something wonderful for clients and potential clients to explore. As highlighted above, design has a direct impact on one's first impression of a company.

A potential customer may view a company website or social media account and think it is overcluttered or poorly designed. In turn, he or she will be less likely to conduct business with the company. Customers do not like to settle and they have every right not to. 

Allows Companies to Share Their Brand

Branding is essential for growing a business. A company's brand defines what the company is about. It speaks to its values, principles, and personality. 

When developing content for a company, whether it is visually based or not, such content must be reflective of the business's values. All content is created to educate potential customers about the company and its products and/or services. There is nothing better than a company having the ability to control the narrative and speak on its own behalf. 

Often early in the development of a company, leaders will create a brand guidebook and determine brand guidelines such as colors and typography. When designing visual content, it is imperative that a company stays on branding. If digital marketing content is off-branding, it will exuberate inconsistency and this is seen as unprofessional in the eyes of clients. 

Branding is at the heart of a company. Graphic design has the power to help businesses share their stories with potential customers and in turn, increase sales. 


Visuals Break the Language Barrier

One of the most important graphic design decisions for a company is the creation of its logo. Designing a company logo is an intense responsibility as this logo will be the core visual representation of the business. Well-designed and memorable logos are simple, aesthetic, and easy to remember. 

One only has to think of companies like Apple, Nike, and McDonald's. Their logos are iconic and instantly recognizable. People all around the world know these logos and know the companies these logos belong to.

In essence, visual branding breaks the language barrier. No matter if one speaks English or French, the person can recognize an Apple or Nike product simply by seeing the logo on the product. 

While these examples focus on massive global businesses, the importance of visual branding is just as important to smaller businesses. The ultimate goal is for one to recognize a company based on its logo alone. 


Visuals Can Be More Powerful Than Words

Yes, you read that correctly. While written content is crucial for business marketing, visuals can express key information in a far more effective way.

Not all customers like to read detailed content. A picture or a visual can educate a potential customer about a product or service in a quick and entertaining manner. 

Visuals are often hooks that entice potential customers to learn more. Companies have to nurture the initial curiosity that makes individuals interested. Visuals are the perfect approach to do this. 

Once a potential customer is hooked, he or she will be more willing to spend the time to read details about the product or service. Visual and written content work together to create the best possible user experience. 


Develop Engaging Digital Marketing Design with Four Winds Agency

As discussed above, there are many reasons why digital marketing design is important. Engaging graphic design gives a company the ability to:

  • better share its story and its brand with a global audience
  • build rapport with potential clients
  • encourage potential clients to learn more about its products and services

At Four Winds Agency, we have a team of talented graphic designers who have more than 20 years of experience. Our designers work on projects such as logo design, social media graphics, website design, infographics, brochures, and so much more. 

We understand the importance of digital marketing design and want to help you leave a great first impression! To learn more about our team and our services, please contact us today. 

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