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Web design doesn’t stand still. If you want to keep up with the times, then read on as we look at the web design trends we expect to dominate this year.

As technology evolves, user expectations change and so do web design trends.

Website design is becoming more focused on brand messaging and user experience. This has resulted in quirky new design trends and creative use of space.

When it comes to web design, aesthetic appeal is only one piece of the puzzle. Brands are also making use of technological solutions to speed up page load times and improve customer service.  

Web design is an industry that’s always changing. After all, it’s right in the middle between creativity and technology! Keep reading to find out the latest trends in website design.

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Asymmetric Designs

After years of websites being built on well-defined grids, asymmetric designs have become the new trend.

Grid layouts look neat and allow you to arrange content in an organized way. However, this limits your creativity and can often make your website look too rigid.

Asymmetric designs allow brands to explore more creative layouts that are in-line with their brand identity. In a world where most websites are based on grid templates, having an asymmetric design allows you to stand out from the crowd.

Asymmetric designs need to be well thought out, with a focus on balance. Otherwise, they can look ‘thrown together’ and detract from the user experience.

Dark Mode

A new trend in website design that’s going to be even more popular this year is dark mode.

For a long time, designers considered white to be the only suitable background color for creating empty space on the page. Some web designers began experimenting with dark mode a few years ago and now it has taken hold of the industry.

Dark mode reduces blue light exposure making it better for your eyes. It’s also a great way to give your website a modern, elegant look. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube all support dark mode.

In fact, people like it so much that there are even apps available to force dark mode onto every website you browse.

Photos Mixed With Illustrations

Another big design trend going on is overlaying illustration or graphics onto photographs.

Brands have found that adding illustration to photographs help to showcase their creative flair. If done right, it can look ultra-modern.

For creative brands out there, overlaying illustrations and graphics onto real-life photos is a great way to add personality to your website. It’s also eye-catching and keeps visitors engaged with your content.


It’s true, minimalism isn’t exactly a new trend. It’s been around for a while now! Even so, minimalism isn’t going anywhere.

Minimalism is based on using only essential elements and basic shapes to create a simple and clean-looking site.

Minimalism is associated with simple, soft colors and plenty of white space. In fact, using negative space to direct users’ attention to certain content is a popular web design technique.

Colorful minimalism is another design trend that’s increasing in popularity. Pairing minimalist layouts with simple sans serif fonts can result in a modern, beautiful looking website.

Focus on User Experience

This year there will be an increased focus on user experience. Successful websites look beautiful and are also easy to navigate.

A focus on user experience means creating dynamic layouts that look great on all devices and web browsers. Content should be designed to be responsive and fonts must be chosen based on readability and clarity.

There are several other factors that contribute to a great user experience. This includes navigation and website load speed.

Technological approaches such as lazy loading can help improve user retention. Lazy loading means that web browsers only download the content that you see on your screen.

Having less content to load at one time can improve your website load time and reduce your bounce rate. Users who are waiting for content to load are more likely to give up and exit your site.

Abstract Compositions

Designers are beginning to experiment with abstract art and shapes to build unique and attention-grabbing layouts. 

Abstract designs often incorporate basic shapes like squares, circles, and rectangles. Compositions include several different colors that combine together to create art that evokes an emotional response.

Abstract art pieces are expressive and alive. If you want your brand to promote a sense of free-spiritedness, then an abstract design would suit you well.

Abstract compositions can also include photographs and illustrations.

Organic Feel

One of the most popular design trends going on is organic design.

Previously, the organic design trend was only popular in product design and interior design, but now it’s made its way into website design as well.

Organic designs take inspiration from the natural world. These designs make use of warm, earthy colors like green, brown, orange, and red.

Many organic designs also feature faded pinks and blues along with natural shapes and raw textures.

As the world becomes more focused on environmentalism and sustainability, organic designs are becoming more popular. 


Chatbots have been popular for a few years now and that’s going to continue for the foreseeable future.

Many brands use chatbots to answer simple customer service requests. Unlike humans, chatbots provide instant answers and can operate 24 hours a day. This helps improve the customer experience.

Chatbots are also programmable meaning brands can customize them to align with their brand message. Chatbots can also be used for planning internal meetings and setting deadlines.

As machine learning and AI technology advances, chatbots will become more sophisticated. As chatbots become better at mimicking human speech, they will begin to play a bigger role in customer service. This can save businesses money and help to streamline otherwise complicated processes.

Experts predict that 70% of office workers will interact with chatbots on a daily basis.

Follow the Hottest Web Design Trends This Year

These are some of the web design trends you can expect to see. 

While minimalism retains its popularity, dark mode is becoming a favorite design choice for brands that want a modern and elegant look.

Designers are also using abstract art and asymmetric designs to build websites that stand out among the crowd and deliver a unique user experience.

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