Top 3 Merits of Having a Lead Capture on Your Website

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3 Amazing Benefits of Having a Lead Capture on Your Website

Do you have lead capture pages or forms on your website? Create and install a lead capture on your website and start enjoying these three amazing benefits.

Website visitors spend all of two minutes on a page before they move onto something else. A lackluster, out-of-date website could cause you to lose visitors before they ever consider becoming customers. With a website that’s designed to wow visitors and generate leads, however, you can grow your business a little more every day!

Not sure about creating, installing, and utilizing lead capture forms on your website? keep reading to discover the benefits of creating a strong lead capture form!

After experiencing these benefits for your business, you’ll see what a difference it can make. Keep reading to discover the top three advantages of adding a lead capture form to your website! 

1. Capture and Convert

The main benefit of developing a lead capture page is to capture and convert your target audience. 

People aren’t bound to visit your “Contact Us” page as soon as they visit your website. Instead, they’ll probably click around, explore your content, and learn about your business.

Adding lead capture opportunities on multiple pages will improve the user experience. Instead of having to hunt down your form, the user can find it easily from the page they’re already on. As a result, you’re more likely to gain a conversion.

If the visitor has to hunt down your form, however, they might get frustrated. A negative user experience can scare away visitors before they ever convert on the page. 

By adding an easy-to-use, easy-to-find lead capture form on your website, you’re providing users with what they need. They’ll make a note of the convenience you’re offering them, which can benefit your brand reputation.

2. Improve SEO Rankings 

Inbound marketing strategies, including a lead capture system, increases leads by 72% and conversions by 55%.

For example, many companies are using search engine optimization (SEO). SEO allows your website to appear higher on search engines like Google. The higher you rank, the more likely you are to attract website traffic.

A higher ranking will also tell people you’re a credible resource in your industry. By becoming a thought leader in your niche, you can attract more people to your business. As you gain credibility, consumers will become more likely to trust your brand.

Brand trust can help you turn one-time visitors into loyal customers. As a result, you can retain customers, which will improve your ROI.

When people visit your website, you have a chance to convert those visitors into leads. However, most people are wary about handing out their contact information to anyone. To remedy this, many companies are combining their lead capture system with their content marketing strategy. 

For example, let’s say you’ve attracted a visitor to your website using SEO-optimized content. This content should address the consumer’s current wants or needs. After reading your article, they might have additional questions.

Adding a lead capture form to the bottom of the article can help you immediately convert that visitor into a lead.

At the same time, you’re providing the user with value. You’re showing them that you have the information they’re looking for and that you can solve their problems.

Your SEO ranking will improve as more people visit your website and click around. As you gain form submissions, you’re also boosting your ranking, which will help you attract more customers in the future!

Downloadable Content

You can also add a lead capture page onto your website to house a specific piece of content. For example, let’s say you go into more depth about a specific topic in an ebook. You can use this ebook to generate new leads.

The lead capture page can go into the benefits of downloading the ebook, including what information it can provide. Once readers see the benefits of downloading your content, they’ll feel more inclined to fill out a form. 

Once they fill out your form, you’ve captured a new lead!

You can then use the lead to send an email newsletter about your latest products or services. You can also inform the subscriber about industry trends or news pertaining to your business. Either way, email marketing gives you another opportunity to convert your one-time website visitors into recurring customers. 

3. Gain Insights

Most websites use a generic “contact us” form throughout their entire site. However, using one form on a multi-paged site can impact your analytics. Instead, it helps to have different forms across different pages of your website.

For example, let’s say you offer 10 different services, each with its own lead capture form. Knowing which forms attracted which leads can help you provide your visitors with a personalized experience. 

When you follow up on a form submission, you’ll already know which product or service the customer was interested in. 

Personalizing the user experience will show the customer that you care about their needs. You can talk to them about that specific product or service instead of wasting time using a broader approach.

Marketing Decisions

At the same time, you can use the analytics from your form submissions to make smarter marketing decisions in the future.

For example, let’s say you’re gaining most of your form submissions from a single product. You can determine which pages aren’t performing as strongly from this data. Then, you can make improvements to those pages to create a more effective lead capture system. 

Without data, you’re making uninformed decisions about your customers.

Instead of making changes to benefit your company, you might make changes that could cause you to lose future clients. 

You can use these insights for other campaigns, too. For example, you might want to use pay-per-click advertising to attract more people to low-performing pages. Then, you can increase conversions for those products or services.

You can also start creating more SEO-optimized content for your lower performing pages. 

Which pages are performing the strongest? You can study those pages and pull elements you can utilize on other pages.

By using an effective lead capture form, you can gather the information you need to improve your overall marketing strategy. 

Reel Them In: 3 Benefits of Having Lead Capture Opportunities on Your Website

Ready to start reeling in new customers? With these three benefits of having lead capture forms on your website, you’re more than gathering leads. You’re also boosting your business and strengthening your marketing strategy for the long-term!

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