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nonprofit fundraising idea: sweepstakes example You’re scheduling a fundraiser, event or sending out a message about your organization. You need creative ways to help spread your message on social media. Having people like your post is good, but sharing or retweeting your post is the goal! One way to help create a buzz about your organization, event or fundraiser is to offer a reward for people who share your post. Run a sweepstakes offer on your social media platforms that fits best with your audience. Offer them a t-shirt, dinner out for 2, a behind the scenes tour with the founder of your organization. Let your imagination be your guide. Then choose a random winner (and make sure you announce it on your social media page!). To help make sure the winner is random, use a site like random-name-picker to pick your winner. You will have a fun, original and memorable campaign to help spread your message and promote your cause.

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