Website Discovery Information

The Overview

Can you describe the product or service that your company provides in 2 sentences?

This is important for us to know so we can present your content in a concise and user-friendly manner.

Who is your typical customer?

Is your typical client young or old? Affluent? Local?

Who are some of your competitors?

Place the URL links below:

What is your goal of having a new or re-designed website built?

Are you looking to increase sales through an online shopping cart? Creating awareness/sales leads of a product or service? Seeking to drive traffic to a physical store?

What keywords would you associate with your business?

What are people typing into Google in order to try and find you? List as many you can think of:

The Dream

What pages (titles/subjects) do you need?

About Us, Products, Services, Gallery, Contact Us, etc,.

What are the “must haves” for you new site?

Do you require e-commerce capability, product catalogs, specific contact forms, event calendar, photo galleries, blog, etc,.

What are some current websites that appeal to you?

What is it about these sites that you like? Overall site design? Colors? Site functionality?

Do you have a logo and corporate branding guidelines?

Will you be providing content for the new site? Having a cleanly designed logo in a vector format (svg or adobe illustrator) and cohesive color palette will help us design the best site possible for you. Large, quality photos and well written content will make your new site stand out. If you need assistance, our in-house creative services team is available. Attach any files you have at the bottom of form.

Do you have specific colors you like to use?

Usually we stay close to the color palet of the logo, but there are times when complementary colors are used that are not within the logo. If you have a branding guide, the colors are usually listed there. We will need any extra colors you use defined in one of the following terms: CMYK (print), RGB (television & computers), or HEX codes (web sites). If you do not know the extra colors, or would like to define new colors, we can help with that. Attach any files or examples you have at the bottom of form.

Do you have specific fonts you like to use?

If you do not currently use any specific fonts, or they are not listed in your companies branding guide, we would just need a few descriptive words about your companies target audience in order to recommend a few fonts that would appeal to the clients you are connecting with. The best fonts to use would be Google fonts. They are easily accessible and supported in all the main web browsers. Attach any files or examples you have at the bottom of form.

If you already have a website, what is the web address?

If you don’t is there an address you had in mind? If you already have a website we can re-use your existing URL or help you secure a new one.

What would you change on your current website?

What pages would you no longer wish you site to have? What additional pages would you like to see? Are there any other major additions or functionality you would like your new website to have?

Nuts & Bolts

Is your website being tracked for page views and site traffic?

If you already have an analytics account we can utilize your existing accounts or we will create an account for you.

Do you currently have email accounts associated with your domain or web address?

For example: your_name@your_company.com. If you don’t, we will set up domain-based email services for you.

Do you have social media accounts?

If you would like facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc. social media tools built in to the website we may need access and links to these accounts if you currently have them.

Current Website and Hosting Access

Hosting or Cpanel login credentials:

Primary Contact Person Information:

If you have any files to send (logo, branding guides, image, etc) feel free to upload them here: