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38% of website visitors will stop engaging with your page if the content is unattractive! You have 0.05 seconds to convince and convert the visitors into clients. This means that your website should be fast in loading and offer the most important information at first sight.

It’s recommended to have all your strong points as a construction company on the forefront of the home page to catalyze decision-making and further details included in other pages on the website.

You may be wondering why you need a company website if you already have social media profiles. Well, here’s the thing, social media platforms have really evolved over time to incorporate as much corporate content as a website can, which is remarkable.

However, with your company website, you’re able to control your narrative, unlike with social media where everyone influences other’s opinions with their comments and posts.

While this is a good thing, it affects the final decision of a prospect even before they learn about your company and what you’re offering.

Looking to update your current website, or starting from scratch? Here are some brilliant construction company websites for inspiration.

CINQ Group

Let’s take a look at reasons why CINQ’s website is so brilliant for emulation by analyzing their impressive homepage header section. You can tell their corporate colors is blue from their logo, but they’ve incorporated white and black neatly to present a bright page that’s decent altogether. So the first obvious tip is color coordination.

The header section features web copy that immediately tells you how they’ll help you build a team and complete your project successfully. To top that, they’ve included a call-to-action button that should lead you to the next step.

Images used in this section maintain high resolution and are relatable to the subject. Using such images on your front page or even every other web page attracts clients and makes them relate your services to their needs. Images are also known to help your pages rank on Google and other search engines.

The section also contains social icons of their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages on the bottom right corner. Having social icons helps clients connect with you and your followers on your social media pages, which also helps increase your following.

The company’s contact number is readily available at the top right corner of the header section. Doing this means that if you, fortunately, convince a prospect in the first 0.05 seconds of reading your header, then they’re able to give your company a call without scrolling and clicking to find your contact details.

You can’t deny that the animated slider with different copy is also quite engaging!

Daniel M. Martin Architecture

DMMA’s website is the perfect portfolio web design for a construction company. As a company that deals with physical outlooks, the portfolio is the most important feature on your website. You can’t convince people of your architectural skills without showing samples of your diagrams and end products in terms of built homes or construction sites.

When you walk into DMMA’s site, you’re welcomed with a full-screen image of one of their completed constructions. The photo is taken from a distance, allowing you to see the home design and the environment as well. It’s the kind of image that makes you want to build a home on the spot!

As you scroll, there’re more images of buildings they’ve constructed. The pictures are of high definition attracting you to every beautiful design. Once you see the first few images, you become glued and entirely convinced of their brilliant skills.

When it comes to designing a website, you can’t just include copies of making promises of successful construction to clients. You must showcase your skills by posting images of the buildings you’ve successfully completed. If clients can’t see it, then they won’t believe in your promises.

We must also acknowledge the responsiveness of the website; even portfolio images re-size with your screen size making it convenient for any type of device the client might be using. They’ve made great use of white space so nothing feels squeezed or overdone, and that’s how a corporate site should be designed.

Hillcrest Property Management

Talk about capturing and delivering to prospective clients. If you stumble upon Hillcrest’s website, there’s a 90% chance that you’ll scroll through all pages or even end up contacting them for their services.

Their animated heading slider contains copy with insights on why they’re your company of choice due to their many years of experience, followed by testimonials from previous clients. These are the two main factors that influence a client to contact your company.

Their home page is quite short and straight to the point, and their font is neat and easy to read, making it possible to scroll and read through in just a minute. Considering that many clients are in a rush, Hillcrest has made their decision-making process very simple.

As if not enough, the newsletter mail sign-up form is right there on the home page. In case a client is yet to make a decision, they can quickly sign up for future insights. This keeps your company name in the prospect’s mind until they make a purchase.

This website loads notably fast too and has several buttons leading you to different pages of interest. They also incorporated a blog page that assists in acquiring knowledge on the related service. They’ve made use of images to shine on their portfolio with a responsive feel to it.

All these three sites are remarkable for their navigation bar which is both available on the header and footer area. This makes it very convenient when scrolling down a long –or even short – page. A well-designed site should be easily navigable with child pages on the menu making page selection easier and faster.

Developing a Professional Company Website is Easy

Developing your own website has become quite easy with content management systems. However, some essentials need to be considered during company website design, for it to be efficient and professional.

For this reason, it’s highly advisable to hire an experienced website designer who will deliver a design that’ll attract and serve your prospective clients.

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