How Does Lead Capture Benefit Your Website?

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What are the benefits of adding lead capture to your website? Here’s how you can skyrocket your qualified leads by using this method.

Generally, web page conversion rates range from 1 to 3%. If you’re trying to grow your business, that’s usually not enough. A conversion rate optimization plan, however, can improve and streamline your conversions.

In fact, 74% of conversion rate optimization programs skyrocket sales.

Without the right lead capture strategy, you could end up missing out on potential sales. A plan of attack, on the other hand, can improve your landing pages so you can capture more leads!

How does lead capture benefit your website, and what can you do to improve your strategy? Keep reading out lead capture landing page guide to find out!

5 Benefits of a Lead Capture Landing Page

A well-thought-out lead capture page will help you convert more visitors into viable leads. Without a plan, however, those visitors could disappear before you get the chance to know them.

Many companies don’t take the time to consider their lead capture strategy. Instead, they’re more concerned about a flashy website and lengthy landing page. The wrong elements, however, can scare off customers.

Why spend the time and money to improve your lead capture pages?

Here are five benefits to consider when planning your pages.

1. Attract Your Ideal Audience

It’s not enough to attract hundreds of people to fill out a form on your website. Rather, you want the right people to become leads. These are the people most likely to convert from a lead to a paying customer.

Quality and quantity are both important as you work to attract leads.

If your lead capture page attracts a ton of unqualified leads, it’s not doing its job. You don’t want to generate a ton of leads and then reject them. Instead, you can save time, money, and energy by attracting high-quality leads from the start.

A well-designed lead capture page is created with your ideal target audience in mind.

By attracting the right people, you can save time digging through unqualified leads. Instead, you can spend that time focusing on and nurturing relationships with people who can become long-term customers.

In order to create a lead magnet that’s focused on your ideal audience:

  • Determine who your target audience is
  • Know what problems your customers face
  • Promise something specific that appeals to your audience’s needs (a solution to their problem)
  • Mention the benefits of downloading your lead magnet

Then, use a strong call-to-action (CTA) that focuses on how your target audience will benefit by downloading your lead magnet.

2. Position Leads for Purchase

Another benefit of a well-planned lead capture page is it helps position leads to become sales.

First, make sure to focus on the value and quality you’re offering. Lead magnets such as an informative ebook can help show your visitors the value you have to offer.

Make sure to brand your lead magnet materials as well.

Showing your leads the valuable information you can offer will make you a credible resource in your industry. Then, they’ll download your lead magnet for more information. Instead of sales-heavy language, use your value to create a persuasive pitch.

3. Minimize Distractions

Putting too much information on a single landing page can make visitors feel overwhelmed. A well-designed lead capture page will minimize distractions. Instead, you can focus on capturing a visitor’s attention and directing them toward an opportunity.

Minimizing distractions on your page will keep your visitors focused.

Why did they visit your website in the first place? Chances are they were already looking for a specific product or service.

By removing disruptions from the page, you can keep them focused on finding that product or service.

4. Gather Valuable Data

As people explore your website and click around, you have the chance to gather valuable information. You can then use that information to learn more about your target audience.

Try using A/B testing by creating more than one lead capture landing page.

Then, determine what language, imagery, forms, and CTA language best appeal to your target audience. Which page helped you generate more leads?

Gathering this data will help you make informed choices regarding your customers in the future.

5. Achieve Your Goals

Are you trying to generate more leads this year? Maybe you have a specific sales goal you want to achieve or a new product you want to upsell.

A well-designed lead capture landing page will help you accomplish these goals.

5 Benefits of a Lead Capture Strategy to Skyrocket Your Qualified Leads

Now that you know why a lead capture landing page is important, here are a few tips to help you skyrocket your leads!

1. Hook Them With the Headline

First, make sure you have a strong headline at the top of the page. Snag the visitor’s attention. A killer headline will entice your visitors to keep scrolling.

Make sure your headline is clear and benefit-driven. What do visitors get if they keep reading? Use emotion-based language to reel them in and keep them reading.

2. Strengthen the CTA

Make sure your CTA catches the eye. Use contrasting colors so it doesn’t blend in with your form. Then, use emotion-based language and a compelling verb to get people clicking!

3. Optimize the Form

Make sure to keep your form short and easy to use.

First, position the form above the fold. That way it’s easy to find. Then, keep it short.

Limit the form to three fields. Otherwise, you could frustrate potential leads.

39% of website visitors will leave if your website takes too long to load. In addition to keeping your form short and sweet, you’ll also want to make sure your pages load quickly. Otherwise, you’ll frustrate your visitors until they take their business elsewhere.

4. Add Imagery

An eye-catching image can help you draw a person’s attention as well. A picture is worth a thousand words, so choose wisely. Using a photo that appeals to a person’s emotions can keep them on the page.

5. Add Social Proof

Social proof can influence a consumer’s buying decisions. Make sure to add reviews and testimonials to help you increase leads.

Love Your Leads

Love every high-quality lead you get! With a lead capture landing page, you can enjoy these five benefits and more!

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