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2017 Holiday CalendarIf you’re a non profit organization planning your fundraising calendars, it can be helpful to plan them around National holidays that correspond with your cause or theme. You may be able to get more people to help spread the word about your fundraising event when the society is already focused on a similar cause. If the news or social media is already buzzing about the cause that is relevant to your organization, it would be a very natural segue to include your fundraising event with the current conversation. We’re not sure that “World Penguin Day” will be a match for your non profit foundation or organization, but if you wanted to run and event in late April, you might be able to incorporate the little guys into your promotional or social media campaign. It could bring some levity and fun into, what can typically be, very serious topics. Take a look over the list of upcoming holidays, awareness and giving days listed below for the US and around the world.

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