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7 Biggest Email Marketing Trends

Email marketing can be an extremely powerful tool if you do it correctly. Here are 7 top email marketing trends that your business should be using.

Nearly 80% of adults in the US already use emails. Meanwhile, the 3.6 billion worldwide email users make up nearly 50% of the world’s population.

Adding email campaigns to your digital marketing strategy can improve your ROI, too. In fact, for every $1 spent on email marketing, you can generate a $44 return.

It’s not enough to start sending out random emails, though. After all, people send and receive over 347 billion emails a day. You need to make sure your emails stand out.

Otherwise, they could end up straight in the trash bin.

Here are seven biggest email marketing trends. Using these email marketing tips within your next campaign can help you stand out from the crowd.

You can draw more people to your brand, boost leads and conversions, and improve your ROI!

Get started by adding these seven trends to your email marketing plan today.

Table of Contents

    1. Super Personalization
    2. Eye-Catching Colors
    3. Unique Graphics
    4. Bold Typography
    5. Dark Mode
    6. Interactive Content
    7. Text Only

1. Super Personalization

People want to know that they’re more than just a number to you. If you want to attract, please, and engage customers, focus on personalization.

Personalization can help you appeal and connect with your customers. In fact, personalized messages perform 3 times better than batch and blast emails.

The majority (51%) of marketers say list segmentation is the most effective email marketing strategy they use, too. Individualized email messaging (50%) and behavior-triggered emails (45%) fall close behind.

First, take the time to segment your email subscription lists. You can segment your subscribers based on demographics or psychographics.

For example, you might group people based on age, gender, or marital status. Maybe you’d rather group customers based on their previous purchases.

Then, you can adjust your content based on each distinct group.

You can also use artificial intelligence (AI) to create hyper-personalized email marketing campaigns. Using personalization can:

      • Reduce how often people mark your emails as spam
      • Increase how often people visit your website
      • Reduce how often people unsubscribe from your emails
      • Encourage people to learn about your business
      • Increase sales and your ROI

You can also use dynamic segmentation to boost engagement. Marketers who segment campaigns experience a 760% increase in revenue.

2. Eye-Catching Colors

Many of the latest email marketing trends involve how you use color.

Before following these trends, make sure to consult your brand. Keep your branding consistent, including your color palette. Then, use these trends to give your brand a playful twist.

For example, you can use gradients, which have grown more popular over the years. Gradients can help you play with the background or your email buttons.

Try muted colors, too. Muted colors can help you avoid straining the reader’s eyes.

Otherwise, consider switching to a monochrome design within your email content. Monochrome allows you to replace black and white with similar shades. You can pair a monochrome color scheme with minimalistic design trends.


3. Unique Graphics

If you want your email marketing strategy to stand out, consider using more creative graphics this year.

For example, you can add 3D elements to your emails. Adding 3D imagery can give your email content more depth.

You can also add textured illustrations to your emails. Avoid using stock imagery in the meantime. Stock photography can make your brand look ingenuine.

Otherwise, try playing around with neomorphism. You can play around with button colors and shadows to give your elements more depth.

Want to catch the reader’s attention in a big way? Try adding micro-animations to your emails. You can draw their attention to a button to boost conversions.

4. Bold Typography

Don’t get stuck using the same old template for your email marketing strategy. Instead, use the latest email marketing trends to upgrade your email designs.

For example, more people are using bold typography in their emails. You can draw the reader’s eye to a big headline or announcement. Once you’ve grabbed their attention, you can encourage them to keep reading the rest of your content.

When adding bold typography to your email content, don’t forget to maintain brand consistency. Keeping your brand consistent can encourage awareness and recognition. People will have an easier time recognizing your email content on sight as a result.

5. Dark Mode

More apps and websites have started using dark mode. It’s a great way to give the eyes a break from loud colors.

Consider using dark mode within your email marketing strategy, too. For example, you can switch your typography, iconography, and other small elements to light hues. Then, switch the background to a darker color.

Switching to dark mode can give your emails a sleek, minimalistic look. Your subscribers will focus more on the content than distracting elements. Meanwhile, you can relieve eye strain and keep them reading.

6. Interactive Content

In 2015, the average clickthrough rate for emails was only 1.9%. In 2018, the average clickthrough rate increased to 2.4%. One of the main reasons for this increase was the use of interactive content.

You can use accelerated mobile pages (AMP) within your email marketing campaign. AMPs allow you to add shopping buttons or carousels within your emails. Consumers can interact with your content without visiting a web page.

Keeping people focused on your emails, rather than forcing them to travel to different pages, could improve your conversion rate.

You can allow consumers to view different products straight from an email. They can even switch color swatches to look at different colors. Then, they can make a purchase with ease.

Adding interactive content to your emails can improve the user experience. You can make life easier for your customers while keeping them engaged. You could boost your sales and conversion rate as a result.

7. Text-Only

If these email marketing trends don’t work for you, consider going in the opposite direction. Remove distracting design elements and go the minimalistic route instead. You can create text-only emails to keep people focused on your content.

Pair text-only emails with personalization to appeal to your target audience. Appeal to their wants and needs without pushing sales language.

Here are 10 extra tips that can help you craft the perfect email marketing strategy.

Kick Up Clickthrough Rates: 7 Email Marketing Trends for Success

Don’t fall behind the times. Instead, give these seven email marketing trends a try! Adding these trends to your email marketing campaign could give your conversion rate a boost.

You can keep people engaged with your brand while remaining top of mind.

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