6 Actionable HVAC SEO Tips to Boost Your Local Visibility

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Don’t underestimate how important HVAC SEO is to your business. You are leaving money on the table if your business isn’t ranked among the top search results for HVAC companies in your area.

Most people are going to call when there’s an emergency repair or they know it’s time to have their unit replaced.

They’re likely to look online and find out which HVAC service companies are close to them. They’re likely to call one of the top three. If you’re not there, then you’re missing out on phone calls and customers.

There are some things that you can do to get your SEO on track.

1. Create Citations

One of the easiest things you can do to boost your search results is to fill out directory listings. These citations are directory listings. Getting listed in Google Business, Bing Places, and the Better Business Bureau are all free.

They’re also a great source of backlinks (see more below) and help you get listed in local searches.

The most important part of directory listings is that your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) have to be exactly the same across directories and your website.

Little details matter a lot here. Having your business name listed at HVAC CO. in one place and HVAC Company, LLC in another can matter a lot.

Same with your phone number. A number listed as 555-123-4567 in one place and (555) 123-4567 can also make a difference.

Choose the same exact format for your NAP and make sure it’s the same everywhere you list it online.

2. Get Positive Reviews

Are you proud of the services you provide homeowners in your area? You don’t want to shout it from rooftops yourself, but you can get your customers to do the talking for you.

Reviews help you in two ways. They help with your SEO and they help you get calls.

People trust online reviews and they’ll read them first before making a phone call to an HVAC company. A business listing that has a dozen or more glowing reviews of your services will go a long way with potential customers.

They’re much more likely to trust your company right away and make the call.

You can get more reviews on Google simply by asking. Ask your past customers and request that they fill out a review. You can also email customers a day or two after a service appointment.

Add a link and invite people to write a review in your e-newsletters.

3. Backlinks Matter to HVAC SEO

When Google began in the late 1990s, there were plenty of other search engines. There was Yahoo! Excite, and AskJeeves, just to name a few.

The one thing that set Google apart was its algorithm called PageRank. PageRank based search results on popularity. How in the world can it tell if a site is popular?

It’s simple. The more web pages that linked to a site, the more popular the site was perceived. Those links are votes for a site and Google’s algorithm used those votes to determine the popularity of the site.

It was revolutionary at the time and it remains a big part of SEO today. Directory listings are a great way to start to build your backlink profile.

You want to have quality sites link to your site. There are sites that promise 100 backlinks for $5. Stay away from these sites as they will do much more harm to your site’s SEO than good.

4. On-Page SEO

On-page SEO consists of the SEO factors that are on your website. These factors include meta descriptions, heading tags, and other HTML code that tells search engines’ bots what your site is about.

The bots will index your site and display it when someone is searching for information relevant to your site’s content.

You’ll want to check the HTML code on your site to make sure that it’s telling search engines the right information. You can get a website evaluation that will do the bulk of the work for you.

5. Have Useful Articles

More and more homeowners are do-it-yourselfers. Whenever there’s a home issue, they’ll try to solve it themselves. They’ll search online and watch countless videos or read blog posts to solve the problem.

You should be there to capture that audience.

Are you taking away business from yourself by helping others? Not at all. You’re building goodwill for your brand by being helpful.

There’s a very likely chance that they won’t have the time or the ability to solve the problem themselves. Since you tried to help them and gave them a solution, they’re likely to remember your HVAC company and contact you.

If someone does take your information and fix the problem themselves, they’ll remember that your site helped them. They’ll contact you when they have an issue that they can’t solve.

6. Improve Your Site’s Design and Performance

If you focus too much on search engines, it becomes way too easy to forget about users. You can do everything to get traffic to your site, but if it doesn’t convert, then you’re wasting time.

You want to have a great company website that’s easy to use on tablets, big-screen monitors, and tiny phone screens. The site also has to be fast because people will not wait for slow sites.

Think about your site from a visitor’s perspective and look at ways you can make improvements to the design.

Focus on HVAC SEO to Get More Business

Would you like to grow your business? Getting to the top of search results can help you do that. It’s not enough to get listed, you need to be in the first few results because they get the most calls.

You also want to make sure that you’re targeting the right search terms. You can start to improve your HVAC SEO by filling out directory listings.

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