WordPress Website Security

$27.00 / month

One of the biggest problems facing businesses today is Hackers. It doesn’t matter if you’re an online business or run a small brick and mortar shop. If you have a website then you could be a target for hackers. Which is why you should schedule regular website maintenance. I know what you’re thinking, website maintenance is about as glamorous as changing the oil in the car. Which reminds me of a car repair commercial that I saw back in the day. This particular mechanic talked about the regular service that needs to be done to your car. And at the end, he would say “You can pay me now, or you can pay me later” meanwhile, in the background, you could see a tow-truck pulling a car into a service bay. You probably get what he was implying… that you could pay your mechanic a few dollars now, or you would pay him a lot more money later.


  • Malware Removal & Hack Response
  • Continuous Malware & Hack Scanning
  • Brand Reputation & Blacklist Monitoring
  • Stop Hacks (Virtual Patching / Hardening)
  • Advanced DDoS Mitigation
  • CDN Performance