WordPress OnPage SEO Basic

$200.00 / month

Keywords are the industry term for what people put into the Google search bar when they’re looking for information. A study from PEW research shows that 79% of Americans are actively shopping online. Tracking keywords that people use to search for products is how we monitor how well a particular website is doing. We use specific software that gives us daily updates on where their website is ranking in a Google search. This helps us determine what types of SEO changes we need to make to a website.

Lasting results are measured over time, as competitors may run campaigns for the same keyword, or make other strategic moves to get more traffic to their site. But yes, getting to the first page of Google is possible.

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  • Monthly OnPage SEO evaluation report
  • Keyword research and suggestions
  • Keyword tracking report (up to 10 keywords. More keywords can be added. Contact us for more details.)
  • OnPage SEO changes to 1 web page each month (based on reports and client strategy)


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