Nonprofit Design Membership

Spend more time focused on your nonprofit

and less time doing these chores

website design and development for nonprofits


Whether you need help updating your existing website or creating a new website, our package pricing makes it affordable for almost any budget. Do you need help protecting your site, we have the tools to keep it safe from hackers and malware. Talk to us about our website security options.


Use an app to help push out notifications about what is going on in your organization, volunteer opportunities, scheduled events, contact information, donation portals, and more. Your imagination is the limit.


Do you want a special logo for your annual fundraising event, 5K, or other branded event. Or maybe you need a new logo or refresh the logo that you currently use? We can create something that works within your current branding guides.
t-shirt-mockup for nonprofit 5K

T Shirts

Do you need t-shirts, polo shirts, mugs, or anything else with your nonprofit or event branding? We can handle everything from design to print of your logo/brand/verbiage for appearel for volunteers, for staff or the general public. Anything you want to use for marketing, we can take care of for you.

Any print project

You create more material than you may realize. In the past we have helped organizations with event posters, flyers, support letters, magnets, tent cards, celebration cards, magazine ads, print ads, raffle posters, online ads, web banners, social media posts, and the list could go on. If you're sending anything out to the public, we can take care of designing and laying it for you. Did we spark any ideas? What have you thought of that we can help with?
magazine publication for nonprofits


Do you provide special publications for your annual reports, orientation handbooks, out reach publications, and any other publications (print or online)? We can create the perfect look to educate your donors, volunteers, or general public about what your organization is doing, will do, or has done to make a difference.


Whether you're just starting out, or have been around for years, a branding guide is imperative in making sure that your convey the same message through all the different outlets that you use. We can help create a new one, or fill in the gaps of any branding guides that you're currently using.


Do you need help creating and online and/or print newsletters to keep your donors and volunteers engaged with your organization. This can take a lot of time out of your schedule. Use our years of experience to layout your content and images in a captivating and professional manor.

Great Design at Affordable Prices =

Greater Awareness!

Working with nonprofits by providing professional web and print design and development, so that you can concentrate on your organizations impact.



/per month

4 design hours upon signup
1 design hour/month
Total 15 design hours/year



/per month

6 design hours upon signup
2 more design hours/month
Total 28 design hours/year



/per month

10 design hours upon signup
4 more design hours/month
Total 54 design hours/year



/per month

20 design hours upon signup
6 more design hours/month
Total 86 design hours/year

We understand the need of nonprofits, as well as the budget restrictions you’re under. As a Member your organization will have access to award winning designers for any web or print projects when you need them. And our unique approach enables you to budget what you’re comfortable.

*Save your design hours up or use them as you get them. Design hours valid as long as your account is active.
$20 Sign Up Fee. Design hours of online and/or print design work.