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Graphic Design for Print

Four Winds agency provides the best quality graphic design for your advertising and marketing collateral. Whether you need graphic design for online or printed material, we will deliver top quality work. Our top artists and designers have over 20 years of experience. We let our work and results speak for themselves.


Magazines are on the upswing. Electronic (or eMagazines) as well as traditional magazines are still a popular media outlet. There are more magazines being produced now than in the past few years. The flexibility and versatility of a magazine (as well as catalogs) make them a very effective tool to reach a specific audiences. We are proficient in cover designs, layouts and can handle the logistics of getting it printed. If you’d like it to be an eMagazine, we are currently building two very popular and growing magazines. You can view a couple magazines that are in current production here:

Brochures & Post Cards
Just because something has been around a long time does not mean that it is no longer needed. The ability to distribute your information to people that are not on the computer or their smart phone is worth the benefit. Brochures and post cards are perfect for distributing at events, social gatherings or while talking to someone at the grocery store. Whether it’s used as a promotional piece for special occasions, a registration medium for events, thank you cards or reminders, the stand alone brochure and post card work exceptionally well. The printed piece has always worked well as a hook, a teaser and a reminder, to help lead someone to the next step. That next step being your website, a phone call, or a visit. It’s a little reminder, so that you stay in the minds of your patrons.
A logo say’s a lot about an organization, event or product. People will associate it with your quality and service. A logo doesn’t make or break a company, but the quality of the logo does speak to the quality of the organization. The colors convey a sense of mood and the font chosen speaks to the mindset of the organization. Creating a logo is a process, it’s rarely completed one the first try. Creating a new logo for an organization is a discovery process. We enjoy the collaboration and the process of honing in on just the right logo design that fits the organizations personality.
Trade Show Banners
Tradeshows and convensions are a great way to showcase your organization. In order to stand out from the croud, make sure you make a statement with great banner designs. We can design to any size trade show banner that you need. This particular banner was one of three that we designed for the East Orlando Chamber of Commerce.
Direct Mail
If you are in need of design and layout for your direct mail campaign, you’ll find Four Winds Agency very easy to work with. We have assisted with and are familiar with the postal regulations for direct mail pieces. Our graphic designers have worked on campaigns for Bright House, Metro PCS, Ashley Furniture, Progress Energy and many more organizations. We develop original layouts and custom artwork for any type of campaign you are ready to launch.
T-shirts never go out of style. They’re easier to create and customize than ever before. If you need a custome t-shirt or polo shirt for an event, celebration and most importantly: for branding! We can design and illustrate what you need. We will handle everything from conception to the printing of the final product.
News Print
The newspaper industry may not be what it used to be, but it is still a good part of most ad campaigns. With the shake-up of the industry, some good deals can be had with a lot of newspaper publications. If you choose a newspaper with a strong website presence, you can often times get a good deal on a bundle package. A package that would give you not only a print ad, but also animated ads on their website. Four Winds Agency can work with newspapers all over the country to help build a targeted and effective campaign strategy for your organization.
When you need custom illustrations for a product, place, event or special occasion we can create it for you. There are times when stock illustrations (or clip art) just doesn’t cut it, we can work with you. Whether it’s a particular style or mood, we have the artists that can deliver the artwork that will set you apart from the others.
Presentations is a catch-all category. We are able to build custom one-off pieces, Power Point and Key Note presentations, and more. Whether it’s a billboard, POS displays, posters, t-shirts designs, or more. The only limitation is the imagination, so let us know what you’re looking to do and we can help brainstorm some fantastic ideas to help take your organization to the next level.
Digital media has established it’s place in the world, but the printed piece will not be disappearing anytime soon. Brochures, post cards, direct mail, magazines, and even newsprint are staples in getting the word out. We were approached recently by someone raising awareness for their non profit. She showed me a post card about the organization and how to contribute, but I didn’t have time (nor was I interested) in making a snap decision, so I asked if I could keep the post card and refer to it later. She said no; she couldn’t leave it with me. I’m sure she had her reasons, but unfortunately, because she didn’t have a ‘leave behind’ printed piece, I’ll never get to know more about that organization.

Graphic Design for Online

HTML5 / Animated online ads

Grab attention on the web with animated ads. We use the latest HTML5 coding and animated gifs to take full advantage of creating an eye catching and smooth message across all current browsers.

Click on links below to view completed projects:
  • Clarion Leisure cube
  • Clarion Leisure banner
  • Quality Business cube
  • Quality Business banner
  • Capitol Leisure cube
  • Capitol Leisure banner
  • Made to Measure cube
  • Made to Measure banner
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Social Media Posts
Graphics for Social Media Posts make a big difference in how visitors engage with your company. The design of the graphics need to stay with your company branding, provide a clear message quickly, and inspire them to continue reading the text of the post, or move on to your website. The purpose is to prompt the people quickly moving through from post to post, to stop on your post and explore. That can be done with compelling graphic design and messaging.
Blog Post Graphics
Images for blog posts help convey the message and meaning of an article quickly. The right image will draw in the viewer and help keep them interested in reading the article. And better yet, share the article with others. The more people that read your blog post, the better for your over all On Page SEO.
Info Graphics
People comprehend images faster than reading through a few paragraphs. We help our clients breakdown their information into graphics that convey their meaning through info graphics. These can be used for online as well as print pieces. Get your message across quickly through the power of great graphic design.

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  • Wings of Hope

    I am more than satisfied with our website. Four Winds Agency is extremely responsive to all our needs by providing creative solutions and ideas for best ways to market our organization and completes everything in a timely manner – even in those “quick-turnaround” times. I highly recommend Four Winds for their talents and skills for web design but also because of their integrity, honesty and concern for others in our community and the world. They are a blessing to us and all who come in contact with them.

    Kathy |
  • Shelley Dawson

    Four Winds Agency is my go to source for everything marketing. I feel confident that their wealth of experience will guide me in the right direction when it comes to branding myself. The recent Direct Mail piece that Four Winds designed for me is timeless and continues to drive results. I find working with this agency to be easy both in communication and delivery of final product. Very pleased with this partnership!

    Shelley |
  • Heritage Sandy Springs Museum & Park

    Four Winds Agency is amazing. I’ve had the pleasure of working with both Richard and Greg on several design projects including a digital and print magazine. Both designers are open to suggestions and corrections, and they tailor everything to suit your individual themes and tastes. Both are quick to respond (even when the deadline is right around the corner), and the finished project is always what you want and more. Will always recommend Four Winds and its designers for any project!

    Keith L. Moore, M.A. |
  • AC Cover Guard

    Richard is a talented and dedicated media specialist who has successfully assisted our companies to gain a successful online presence. He was able to update our current systems without a full overhaul. His valuable knowledge of available tools and resources has saved us time and money. We believe Four Winds Agency is determined to help us succeed and we highly recommend their services.

    Ken Lyons, VP of Business Development |
  • Charity Auction Training

    You have done a phenomenal job and been most patient and accommodating with us. We are confident our website will be a huge benefit to our business, and we are most grateful to you for your amazing work.

    Cindy |