Why Hire an Agency?

First Impressions Matter

Our hearts can be moved by a compelling message, but if the message is not delivered, or presented correctly, it can be lost. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone comment about the hair, outfit or voice of a newscaster and not hear the story that they are trying to convey. You are running an organization that is trying to make a difference. You don’t want your message to get lost or not heard because it’s lost in a sub-par presentation. You deserve to be taken seriously. When someone hears your message, either in print or online, it should be delivered professionally, with quality so that it’s not lost in distractions. Quality matters! Quality mattersAll things being equal, most people will associate brand quality with trust. Organizations that look more professional will gain more trust than those that do not. Perception becomes reality. Our goal is to help you keep or develop a profession and effective advertising and marketing brand for your organization.

Some of the other benefits our agency will bring to your organization are:

  • Free up more time to focus on the people that you have been called to serve
  • High quality branding, advertising & marketing while working within your budget
  • Increased marketing and strategy resources
  • Experts with decades of experience in marketing & advertising
  • Preserved focus of your primary message
  • Latest technologies and platforms to spread your message effectively
  • Webmaster services: web pages, web sites, online advertising, site maintenance, SEO compliance techniques, and more
  • Video editing & graphics
  • Professional photography
  • Writing and editing services
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Nonprofit Budget Disadvantage

Most nonprofits we work with try to operate with overhead expenses around 12% (or less) of their annual income. If they spend more than that amount on their overhead, a majority of people won’t believe that the organization is allocating enough of their donations on their programs. Within that budget they need to pay for office rent, phone, internet, computers, printing, supplies, salaries, legal fees, etc. For the start up nonprofits, as well as the smaller nonprofit organizations, that doesn’t leave a lot of money to use for marketing and advertising. Without good marketing and advertising it becomes difficult to raise greater awareness, support and donations. Donations that would help support their calling (whether it’s providing support to children and adults with mental and physical disabilities, or rehabilitating those rescued out of human trafficking as well as providing outreach/awareness of tactics used by human traffick recruiters). At Four Winds Agency, we work hard to help maximize your marketing dollars. Through the skill and experience of our designers, writers, marketing and advertising specialists, we provide strategies that can help establish your brand. Keep your audience engaged and aware. Bring them into the fold, so that they are more a part of what you’re doing, and not just passively watching.

  • Simmons Jewelers

    We recently have had several occasions to work with Rick Blount. We were thoroughly impressed with his skill as a photographer and felt that he was actually working with us, as a partner would do. He was able to take our vague ideas and turn them into the perfect photograph and the perfect ad layout. He exceeded our expectations and we would highly recommend him to anyone else who is in need of “creative genius”.

    Robert W. Simmons |

  • Charity Auction Training

    You have done a phenomenal job and been most patient and accommodating with us. We are confident our website will be a huge benefit to our business, and we are most grateful to you for your amazing work.

    Cindy |

  • Wings of Hope

    I am more than satisfied with our website. Rick is extremely responsive to all our needs by providing creative solutions and ideas for best ways to market our organization and completes everything in a timely manner – even in those “quick-turnaround” times. I highly recommend Rick Blount for his talents and skills for web design but also because of his integrity, honesty and concern for others in our community and the world. He is a blessing to us and all who come in contact with him.

    Kathy |

  • Shelley Dawson

    Four Winds Agency is my go to source for everything marketing. I feel confident that their wealth of experience will guide me in the right direction when it comes to branding myself. The recent Direct Mail piece that Four Winds designed for me is timeless and continues to drive results. I find working with this agency to be easy both in communication and delivery of final product. Very pleased with this partnership!

    Shelley |

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